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Analog 6.0: What was new in version 1?

This section lists the new features which were in version 1 of analog.
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What was new in version 2?
1.2.6 (08-Jun-96)
Minor bug fix; will only affect those with corrupt logfiles.
1.2.5 (05-Feb-96)
Minor bug fix for weekly report.
1.2.4 (23-Jan-96)
Patch for Spyglass server logfile format.
1.2.3 (22-Nov-95)
A couple of bug fixes (wild subdomains sometimes caused crashes).
-v option now gives the version number.
1.2.2 (13-Nov-95)
Patch for proxy servers: http:// not translated to http:/
1.2 (11-Nov-95)
Can configure columns in reports to give percentage requests and number of bytes.
Wild subdomains (e.g., *.com).
Nameless subdomains.
Subdomains now listed in alphabetical order.
Proper support for numerical hostnames in HOSTIGNORE, HOSTONLY, SUBDOMAIN and alphabetical sorting.
New BASEURL command allowing statistics to be displayed on other servers.
Output always says how things are sorted.
"Last 7 days" now behaves sensibly with TO.
Filenames containing /../, /./ and // translated.
Header and footer options removed from form (for security reasons).
1.1 (02-Oct-95)
Form interface introduced.
ASCII output now possible as well as HTML.
Output file can now be specified in the configuration file.
FROM and TO commands more powerful.
DEBUG and BACKGROUND introduced.
One bug fix: alphabetical sorting doesn't now swap some hostnames.
List of primes included in distribution.
1.0 (12-Sep-95)
Only minor changes since 0.94beta.
0.94beta (30-Aug-95)
New configuration variables SEPCHAR and REPORTORDER.
New configuration commands WITHARGS and WITHOUTARGS.
New commandline options +-A and +-x. (Config.: ALL and GENERAL).
Logfile entries with - as the return code are now regarded as successes, not corrupt entries.
Fixed bugs in host report when aliases or numerical hosts are present.
Documentation rewritten.
0.93beta (27-Jul-95)
Approximate hostname counting now possible in fixed memory.
New configuration commands ISPAGE and ISNOTPAGE.
New commandline option -v.
New configuration command WEEKBEGINSON.
Proper error message when memory exceeded.
Program split into several files.
0.92beta (11-Jul-95)
New reports introduced: hostname, full daily, and weekly.
FROM and TO commands introduced.
Header and footer files introduced.
More helpful warning messages.
Ability to read configuration instructions from stdin.
Subdomain commands moved from domains file to configuration file.
Makefile provided.
0.91beta (04-Jul-95)
Configuration file introduced, enabling many new options.
Some bug fixes and speed improvements.
Ability to print "top n" reports (rather than "everything higher than n").
Request report can print only pages.
Ability to try and resolve numerical addresses.
Now less fussy about the format of the domains file.
Logo added.
Readme converted to HTML.
More speed improvements, and some bug fixes.
Introduced -u option.
Introduced subdomain analysis.
Included "not modified" replies as successes, not redirects.
First public release at 0.9beta3. (29-Jun-95)
0.89beta (21-Jun-95)
Commandline arguments.
Efficiency improvements.
Host count and "last 7 day" statistics.
0.8beta (14-Jun-95)
Initial program, just default options.

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Stephen Turner
19 December 2004

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