Project Name: nnARM

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1.The nnARM source code must be distributed freely all over the world.

This is the "bottom line" for nnARM. No matter what business model you like, and no matter what support you provide to nnARM, you can not have total control over it, and you can not take it and use it as your private property.

2.Possible business models under the limitations of the above statement.

Despite the limitations of the above statement, some kinds of business using nnARM are possible. For example, if you want to develop a network processor based on nnARM, and you want to use this network processor in a switch and/or router, then your money will be used to develop the product and adapt nnARM FOR THAT SPECIFIC APPLICATION. Then, everything relating to that network processor will be your private property, nobody can touch it without your permission. In that way your specific investment is protected, without restricting others from the same opportunity. This idea hinges on the fact that most of the work in creating your product will be involved in the "adaptation" of nnARM to your product, and not in the actual development and testing of the nnARM core itself. It is generally agreed that the availability of free soft-cores does not imply the freely available design of an end product. In fact, we believe that there is a great deal of work involved in actually using any free core for a real world application, and that work would not be in the public domain.

The above is only an example, we are still refining our ideas about business usage and business models. If you have any ideas about this, please contact me.