Project Name: General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) Core


The GPIO IP core is user-programmable general-purpose I/O controller. Its use is to implement functions that are not implemented with the dedicated controllers in a system and require simple input and/or output software controlled signals.


The following lists the main features of GPIO IP core:

More information about the WISHBONE SoC and a full specification can be found here.

For further information, questions and general discussions related to the GPIO core, please visit the Cores Mailing list. To subscribe to the Cores mailing list go to the Mailing-Lists page and select cores from the pull down menu at the end of the page. Enter your email address and click "Do it!"



To get a snapshot of the latest release, please go to CVSget (from main OpenCores web page) and enter "gpio" as Module Name (without quotes). This will create a gzip'ed tar file of the entire GPIO core.

Author / Maintainer

Damjan Lampret

Feel free to send me comments, suggestions and bug reports.

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