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SoC/OpenRISC Development Interface

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Development Interface is used for development purposes (Boundary Scan testing and debugging). It is an interface between the RISC, peripheral cores and any commercial debugger/emulator or BS testing device. The external debugger or BS tester connects to the core via JTAG port that is fully IEEE 1149.1 compatible. The Development Port also contains a trace buffer with support for tracing the program flow, execution coverage and profiling the code…



To get a snapshot of the latest release, please go to CVSget (from main OpenCores web page) and enter "dbg_interface" as Module Name (without quotes). This will create a gzip'ed tar file of the entire Debug Interface core (about 185K). The documentation will also be included. Please follow the link above to download it.

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Igor Mohor

Feel free to send me comments, suggestions and bug reports.

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