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    OpenPKG Registry finally launched! -- Munich, DE -- 2005-11-28 --
  As a consequence of the changed environmental conditions of OpenPKG
  during the year 2005, the OpenPKG project needs to finally shift its
  focus from the requirements of a single predominant sponsor towards
  the needs of a highly distributed and diverse community.

  To meet this target it is vital to the OpenPKG project to know its
  community. Unfortunately, experience showed that optional community
  feedback gains just little attention. As a result, the OpenPKG project
  still has not sufficiently explored its community in both size and
  scope. To throw in a gear and build a much stronger relationship with
  its community the OpenPKG project is forced to now pull essential
  information from its community through mandatory methods.

  Everything available from the OpenPKG project is a free and open
  offering and remains this way, of course. Additionally, since years it
  was also possible to grab all of the OpenPKG offerings anonymously. In
  order to receive information about the community this anonymous access
  now is no longer provided for accessing the full range of OpenPKG
  offerings. From now on only the latest OpenPKG-RELEASE (without
  updates) is accessible anonymously.

  A registration is now required to access all other download resources.
  Access is granted upon a free of charge registration as an OpenPKG
  fellow user, registration of at least one installed OpenPKG instance
  and a configured relationship between these two entities.

  Please note that everything available from the OpenPKG project remains
  available free of charge and as open source software. Only anonymous
  access to our offerings is now restricted in order to better assess
  the OpenPKG installation base and start to understand the demands of
  the OpenPKG community.

  Please actively support the OpenPKG project with your registration!
  More details can be found under


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