Press Release


    The OpenPKG project releases version 1.2 of the
    unique cross-platform software packaging facility. -- Munich, DE -- January 22, 2003 -- The
  OpenPKG project is proud to announce version 1.2 of its OpenPKG
  software. A flexible and powerful software packaging facility, OpenPKG
  eases the cross-platform installation and administration of Unix

  Consolidating different vendor approaches into a unified architecture,
  it serves system administrators of large networks previously burdened
  by non-conforming systems. OpenPKG leverages proven technologies like
  Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) and provides an additional system layer
  on top of the operating system. With OpenPKG, a unique method of
  cross-platform software deployment is taking form.

  Administrators using OpenPKG 1.2 benefit from official support on
  FreeBSD 4.7 and 5.0, Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 and 3.0, and Sun Solaris 8
  and 9. Thanks to its portable nature, other platforms with limited
  support include NetBSD, OpenBSD, RedHat Linux, HP Tru64, SCO UnixWare
  and QNX.


  Over the last 5 months, since the release of OpenPKG 1.1, the official
  OpenPKG repository has grown from 320 to over 450 packages. From this
  packaging pool 185 release-grade CORE and BASE classified packages
  were carefully selected for inclusion into the official OpenPKG 1.2
  release. These packages are fully supported on all of the above six
  platforms, including full security tracking and updating until at
  least two forthcoming releases are based on it.

  An additional 176 PLUS classified packages were identified which are
  provided for convenience reasons as an unsupported set of add-on
  packages to OpenPKG 1.2. So, in total OpenPKG 1.2 consists of 361
  released packages which include proven versions of popular Unix
  software like Apache, BIND, GCC, GnuPG, MySQL, OpenSSH, Perl, Postfix,
  Samba and teTeX -- all carefully packaged for easy deployment.

  Additionally, several new appealing features are introduced with
  OpenPKG 1.2. A new approach for package option handling now allows
  flexibility and precise building and dependency tracking of package
  build-time variations. The most prominent example is the "apache"
  package, by default providing only a bare-bone Apache installation.
  Through the simple specification of up to 44 build-time options the
  administrator easily can build a fully customized variation which
  could include mod_ssl, mod_php and more.

  The packaging of the Perl language was fully reorganized and extended
  to now optionally provide 220 proven extension modules from CPAN,
  clustered into 25 OpenPKG packages.
  An additional utility package "openpkg-tool" eases maintenance of
  whole OpenPKG instances, and can especially be useful in updating
  packages with complex dependencies and used build options.
  Finally, a new faking "syslog" package allows an administrator to
  redirect log entries of lots of daemons that would otherwise wind up
  in the generic syslog facility of the underlying operating system.


  * Entirely based on Open Source Software technology.
  * Portable across mostly all major Unix platforms.
  * Official support for FreeBSD 4/5, Debian 2/3 and Solaris 8/9.
  * Minimum operating system intrusion.
  * Minimum overhead in software packaging.
  * Easy installation, updating and deinstallation of packages.
  * Over 360 carefully selected and released packages available.
  * Bundled with useful package preconfigurations.
  * Support for multiple system instances.
  * Support for proxy packages.
  * Support for build-time variations of packages.
  * Abstracted run-command facility.


  OpenPKG is a software packaging facility for Unix computers, and
  targets the major server platforms FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris. While
  internally based on RPM version 4, OpenPKG is a fully self-contained
  system with minimal dependencies (no RPM preinstallation required)
  and installs itself by means of a tricky bootstrapping procedure.
  OpenPKG eases and controls the management of a large or diverse base
  of software across one or more of its supported platforms.

  OpenPKG is a project founded 2000 by Cable & Wireless Germany's
  Internet Services division. In January 2002 it was released by
  Cable & Wireless to the public as Open Source software. Since then
  OpenPKG is maintained and improved by its original developers and
  contributors from the Open Source community and is a mature technology
  in production use. OpenPKG is the brainchild of Ralf S. Engelschall,
  team leader of Development in Internet Services and principal author
  of numerous other widely used Open Source Software technologies
  like Apache SSL/TLS Engine (mod_ssl), Apache URL Rewriting Engine
  (mod_rewrite), GNU Portable Threads (Pth), GNU Portable Shell Tool
  (Shtool), and Website META Language (WML).


  The OpenPKG Project
  Ralf S. Engelschall
  +49-89-92699-251 (CET)
  +49-172-8986801  (CET)