libnetfilter_cthelper  1.0.0
libnetfilter_cthelper Documentation

libnetfilter_cthelper is the userspace library that provides a programming interface (API) to user-space connection tracking helpers. Basically, you can find here a set of helper functions that you can use together with libmnl.

libnetfilter_cthelper homepage is:


libnetfilter_cthelper requires libmnl >= 1.0.0 and the Linux kernel that includes the nfnetlink_cthelper subsystem (i.e. 3.3.x or any later).



The current development version of libnetfilter_cthelper can be accessed at

Using libnetfilter_cthelper

To write your own program using libnetfilter_cthelper, you should start by reading the documentation for libmnl to understand basic operation with Netlink sockets. Moreover, you may want to check the examples available under examples/ in the libnetfilter_cthelper source code. You can compile these examples by invoking `make check'.


libnetfilter_cthelper has been written by Pablo Neira Ayuso.