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About the netfilter/iptables website

About this website

The website you are reading right now is the third incarnation of the netfilter/iptables project homepage.

Initially, the homepage was a single HTML file written by Rusty. This was not sufficient after iptables became adopted by users once the 2.4.0 kernel was released, so we did a call for volunteers to do a new website design. Shane Chan designed the netfilter logo and the second website. Technically, there were some perl scripts that put the individual page bodies and the navigation bar together.

Webpage maintainace was done by Harald Welte and Pablo Neira Ayuso, who always had more important tasks (like: releasing new versions, doing development) than maintaining the homepage. After some time, the template construct hurts, and editing HTML from hand is just not the thing you want to do.

After some inspiration by Sven (gimp developer), Harald finally looked into the DocBook Website DTD, which seems to be an excellent way to build websites... content in structured documents (DocBook XML) plus some glue and stylesheets to define how the structured documents are rendered into XHTML.

This website is produced from XML using the DocBook Website DTD v2.4.1/2.5.0/2.6.0 and the DocBook XSLT stylesheets.

Copyright © 1999-2014 Harald Welte, Pablo Neira Ayuso . Pablo Neira Ayuso