The ELKS FAQ and Utilities Hompage.


Pages relating to the Embedable Linux Kernel Subset, a project to write a 16 bit verion of the Linux kernel for machines without MMU's and embedded systems.

The ELKS homepage.

The ELKS FAQ which I currently maintain.

ELKS Utilities

Various utility programs I have ported to ELKS, including a subset of the GNU file, and shell utilities, a modified configuarable version of sash with configurable builtin commands, and a ported version of mkfs.minix. Also on this page some bits and pieces of code I found on the net which may be relevant to the project.

Coming soon, a set of documents on the kernel source code for ELKS, including an explanation of the boot process, system calls, and a function reference.

Other ELKS related pages

The ELKS Homepage

Robert de Bath's homepage

Any enquiries should be sent to Alistair Riddoch