Emacspeak 97 --Emacspeak 5.0 Release Notes

Announcing Emacspeak-97 This is to announce Emacspeak-97 (code named Tennessee) --a major upgrade to my speech output extension to Emacs. Emacspeak 95 (code named Illinois) was released on the Internet in May 1995 as the first complete speech interface to UNIX workstations. The subsequent release, Emacspeak-96 (code named Egypt) made available in May 1996 provided significant enhancements to the interface. Emacspeak-97 (Tennessee) goes further in providing a true audio desktop.

Major Enhancements

Major enhancements in this release include: ... and a lot more ...

Release Notes

Emacspeak 97 in conjunction with W3 3.0.XX provides a full implementation of speech style sheets as per the CSS1.0 specification. W3 has been evolving rapidly. Emacspeak users are urged to upgrade to the newest version of W3 as support for the older versions will gradually fall off. As of W3 3.0, the speech support is integrated into W3; bug reports that are specific to W3 and Emacspeak should be mailed to the author of W3 William Perry and copied to me.

Emacspeak 97 supports DISMAL -- a powerful spread sheet application.

As usual Emacspeak 97 comes with full source-level documentation; please use the online help that is available.

Here is a link to the release notes for the previous major release, Emacspeak 96

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