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DebugMsgLogTableRoute Table that passes that passes through updates whilst writing them to the logging them via XORP's XLOG_TRACE.
DeletionTableRouteTable that performs background deletion of routes when a routing protocol goes down leaving routes in the RIB.
ExpectTableA Route Table for comparing route updates received against expected.
ExtIntTableMake two route RouteTables behave like one, while resolving nexthops that are not immediate neighbors.
IPRouteEntryRouting Table Entry.
IsEGPEGP Protocol Policy.
IsIGPIGP Protocol Policy.
IsOfProtocolProtocol Policy class.
LogTableA Base for Route Tables that log updates.
MergedTableMake two route RouteTables behave like one.
ModuleCmpHelper class for ModuleData comparisons.
ModuleData Holds information about an XRL module that requested to be notified about a change.
NotifyQueueQueue of route event notifications.
NotifyQueueChangedEntry Notification Queue entry indicating that a change occured to the metric, admin_distance or nexthop of a route in which interest was registered.
NotifyQueueEntry Base class for a queue entry to be held in a NotifyQueue.
NotifyQueueInvalidateEntry Notification Queue entry indicating that a change occured which has caused a route registration to become invalid.
OriginTableRouteTable that receives and stores raw routes sent by routing protocols.
OstreamLogTableRoute Table that passes through updates whilst logging them to an ostream instance.
PolicyConnectedTableThis table will filter connected routes.
PolicyRedistTableThis table redistributes routes to protocols according to policytags.
ProtocolRouting protocol information.
RIBMaster class for a RIB.
RIBVarRWEnables reading and writing variables to a RIB route.
RMActionRouteMap action (not yet working).
RMMatchRouteMap conditional (not yet working).
RMMatchIPAddrRouteMap conditional (not yet working).
RMRuleRouteMap rule (not yet working).
RedistBinaryOpBase class for Binary Redistribution Policy objects.
RedistLogicalAndLogical-And for Redistribution Policy objects.
RedistLogicalNotLogical-Not for Redistribution Policy objects.
RedistLogicalOrLogical-And for Redistribution Policy objects.
RedistNetCmp Comparitor to allow nets to be stored in a sorted container.
RedistOutput Base class for propagaing output of route add and delete messages.
RedistPolicyBase class for Redistribution Policy objects.
RedistTableRouteTable used to redistribute routes.
RedistTransactionXrlOutput Route Redistributor output that sends route add and deletes to remote redistribution target via the redist_transaction{4,6} xrl interfaces.
RedistUnaryOpBase class for Unary Redistribution Policy objects.
RedistXrlOutput Route Redistributor output that sends route add and deletes to remote redistribution target via the redist{4,6} xrl interfaces.
Redistributor Controller class that takes routes from RedistTable and passes them on via RedistOutput.
RegisterServerRegisterServer handles communication of notifications to the clients that registered interest in changes affecting specific routes.
RegisterTableRouteTable which stores routing protocols' registration of interest in changes to certain routes.
ResolvedIPRouteEntryExtended RouteEntry, used by ExtIntTable.
RibManagerMain top-level class containing RIBs and main eventloop.
RouteEntryBase class for RIB routing table entries.
RouteMapRouteMap route filter (not yet working).
RouteRangeStores a Route and bounds on the validity of the route.
RouteRegisterRouteRegister stores a registration of interest in a subset of a route.
RouteTableBase class for a routing table.
UnresolvedIPRouteEntryExtended Unresolved RouteEntry, used by ExtIntTable.
VifManagerVifManager keeps track of the VIFs currently enabled in the FEA.
XLogTraceTableRoute Table that passes that through updates whilst writing them to the logging them via XORP's XLOG_TRACE.
XrlRibTargetImplement RIB Xrl target methods.

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