class NotifyQueue

Queue of route event notifications. More...

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A NotfiyQueue holds a queue of route event notifications waiting transmission to the XORP process that registered interest in route changes that affected one or more routes. When a lot of routes change, we need to queue the changes because we may generate them faster than the recipient can handle being told about them.

 NotifyQueue (const string& module_name)


NotifyQueue constructor


module_namethe XRL module target name for the process that this queue holds notifications for.
void  add_entry (NotifyQueueEntry* e)


Add an notification entry to the queue.


ethe notification entry to be queued.
void  send_next ()


Send the next entry in the queue to this queue's XRL target.

void  flush (ResponseSender* response_sender)


Flush is an indication to the queue that the changes since the last flush can be checked for consolidation. Several add_entry events might occur in rapid succession affecting the same route. A flush indicates that it is OK to start sending this batch of changes (and to consolidate those changes to avoid thrashing, but we don't currently do this).

void  xrl_done (const XrlError& e)


XRL transmit complete callback. We use this to cause the next item in the queue to be sent.


ethe XRL completion status code.
typedef XorpCallback1<void, const XrlError&>::RefPtr XrlCompleteCB


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