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CodeThis class represents the intermediate language code.
Code::TargetA target represents where the code should be placed.
CodeGeneratorGeneric code generator. It is suitable for import filters.
CodeGenerator::CodeGeneratorErrException thrown if code generation fails.
CodeListA collection of code fragments.
ConfigurationClass that contains all configuration and generated code state.
Configuration::ConfErrorException thrown on configuration error.
DependencyA class which relates objects and handles dependencies between them.
Dependency::DependencyErrorException thrown if an illegal action is requested.
ExportCodeGeneratorGenerates export filter code from a node structure.
FilterManagerDeals with sending code to policy filters.
FilterManager::FMExceptionException thrown on error. Such as xrl failure.
FilterManagerBaseBase class for a FilterManager.
NodeAcceptNode representing an accept statement.
NodeAnyA generic node wrapper.
NodeAssignAn assignment operation.
NodeBinA node for a binary operation.
NodeElemA node which holds an element.
NodeProtoNode representing a protocol statement.
NodeRejectNode representing a reject statement.
NodeSetA node which holds a set.
NodeUnUnary operation.
PWNotifierInterface which receives notification events from ProcessWatch.
ParserA lex/yacc wrapper which parses a configuration and returns nodes.
PolicyListThe list of policies associated with a protocol.
PolicyMapContainer of all policies.
PolicyMap::PolicyMapErrorException thrown on errors such as when a policy is not found.
PolicyStatementA policy statement is a collection of terms.
PolicyStatement::PolicyStatementErrException thrown on error such as when no term is found.
PolicyTargetThe XORP Policy target.
ProcessWatchKeeps track of which XORP processes of interest are alive.
ProcessWatch::PWExceptionException thrown on error, such as Xrl failure.
ProcessWatchBaseBase class for a process watcher.
ProtocolMapMaps protocols to the XORP process name.
SemanticVarRWA VarRW used for semantic checking.
SemanticVarRW::var_errorException thrown on illegal variable use.
SetMapContainer of all sets.
SetMap::SetMapErrorException thrown on error, such as deleting a set in use.
SourceMatchCodeGeneratorCode generator for source match filters.
SourceMatchCodeGenerator::NoProtoSpecException thrown if no protocol was specified in source block.
SourceMatchCodeGenerator::ProtoRedefinedException thrown if protocol was re-defined in source block.
TermA term is an atomic policy unit.
Term::term_syntax_errorException thrown on a syntax error while parsing configuration.
VarMapA VarMap contains all information for legal protocol variables.
VarMap::VarMapErrException thrown on VarMap errors such as on unknown variables.
VarMap::Variable A variable has Access control, it has a name, and a type.
VisitorVisitor pattern interface.
VisitorDepThis visitor is used to check what sets a policy uses.
VisitorDep::sem_errorSemantic error thrown if set is not found.
VisitorPrinterThis visitor will produce a human readable text stream from a policy.
VisitorSemanticA policy semantic checker.
VisitorSemantic::sem_errorException thrown on a semantic error.
XrlPolicyTargetThe XORP Xrl target.
policy_parserMinimises global namespace pollution of yacc/lex variables.

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