class XrlParserInput

Base class for XrlParserInput's. More...

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Public Methods

Detailed Description

XrlParserInput's are used by the XrlParser class to manage input. The output of XrlParserInput should only contain material likely to XRL's and C-preprocessor hash directives, ie # <num> "file" <line> directives.

bool  getline (string& lineout)


[pure virtual]

Retrieves 1 line of input from source.


lineoutstring that is set if line of text is available.

Returns: true if line was read into lineout, false otherwise.

bool  eof ()


[const pure virtual]

Returns: true if no more data is available for reading.

string  stack_trace ()


[const pure virtual]

Returns: string containing stack trace to be used for tracking errors in the input.

 ~XrlParserInput ()



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