class IfMgrManagedXrlReplicator

An IfMgrXrlReplicator managed by an IfMgrXrlReplicationManager. More...

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Detailed Description

This class implements the functionality of an IfMgrXrlReplicator, and is used by an IfMgrXrlReplicationManager. Instances of IfMgrXrlReplicatorManager contain a set of these objects. When an error occurs with IPC the objects request removal from the manager, which causes their destruction.

 IfMgrManagedXrlReplicator (IfMgrXrlReplicationManager& manager, XrlSender& sender, const string& target_name)


void  crank_manager ()



Method invoked when it is time to schedule the next Xrl dispatch.

Reimplemented from IfMgrXrlReplicator.

void  crank_manager_cb ()



Method invoked when the previous Xrl dispatch has completed.

Reimplemented from IfMgrXrlReplicator.

void  push_manager_queue ()



Method invoked when a command should be added to the manager's queue.

Reimplemented from IfMgrXrlReplicator.

void  xrl_error_event (const XrlError& e)



Reimplemented from IfMgrXrlReplicator.

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