class IfMgrCommandBase

Base class for Interface Manager Commands. More...

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Public Methods

Detailed Description

Commands may be forwarded either on an existing interface configuration tree (represented by IfMgrIfTree objects) or as Xrls. When forwarded as Xrls the command is sent to a remote target. The two methods of forward are intended to facilitate maintaining local and remote copies of IfMgrIfTree objects.

 ~IfMgrCommandBase ()


[pure virtual]

bool  execute (IfMgrIfTree& tree)


[const pure virtual]

Execute Command to interface tree.

Returns: true on success, false on failure.

bool  forward (XrlSender& sender, const string& xrl_target, const IfMgrXrlSendCB& xscb)


[const pure virtual]

Forward Command as an Xrl call to a remote target.


senderxrl router to use as the command sender.
xrl_targetthe target to direct the command to.
xscbcallback to invoke with Xrl result.

Returns: true on success, false on failure.

string  str ()


[const pure virtual]

Render command as string.

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