Project Name: PCI bridge

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Current Status

Current Status:

  • Most of RTL design for 32-bit PCI bridge done. Sources available via CVS.
  • Design synthesized and tested with Insight's PCI development kit (Spartan II 150k gates, speed grade -5).
  • Sample application, bit-stream for Insight's kit etc. also available via CVS.
  • Specification is updated (there have been some minor changes).
  • Working on verification suite (PCI BFMs).
  • Design document will be done after verification suite is finished.

Available Blocks on the opencores CVS:

  • Verilog RTL sources for 32-bit PCI to WISHBONE bridge.
  • Verilog RTL sources for sample application.
  • Bit-stream and timing simulation models for sample application (Can be tested with Insight's PCI development kit).
  • Also look at PCI blue interface project - its simulation models will probably be used in this project too (thanks to Blue Beaver).