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Review Coordinator

The review coordinator ensures that TLDP's documentation is of high quality.



Long-term commitment is required. Consistent, daily effort is required to keep up with the editor's mailing list. There may be times when document volume is high and the coordinator must also take on the task of performing reviews. The review coordinator position typically demands ten to fifteen hours per week.


Previous work as a document reviewer or equivalent experience is required. Good management skills are essential as is the ability to delegate tasks. Understanding of DocBook XML is a plus.

Supervision / Direct Reports

Peer feedback is obtained from TLDP's general discussion mailing list. The review coordinator oversees the work of the individuals conducting document reviews.


Other than experience gained as a document reviewer there is no formal training for this position.

Policies Affecting Assignment

The review coordinator must have prior volunteer experience with TLDP preferably as a document reviewer.

Benefits Of The Position

Excellent opportunity to network with others in the Linux community. Good springboard into a Linux-oriented career.

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