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Document Publisher

The Publisher ensures document updates (new, updated, removals) are properly handled and made publically available in a timely fashion.



The time commitment fluctuates based on the number of updates per week. Anywhere from 15 minutes per week to 4 hours per week can be expected.


The document publisher should posess an understanding of BASH scripting, Perl scripting and Linux commands. Experience with SGML/XML, publishing tools like openjade and sgml-tools is also required. Knowledge of DSSSL/XSL is a plus.


The document publisher reports document updates to the group via TLDP's announce mailing list.


There is no formal training for this position.

Policies Affecting Assignment

The document publisher needs to establish a user account and password with Ibiblio and this account is subject to Ibiblio's network usage policy.

Benefits Of The Position

The document publisher gains satisfaction from assisting all TLDP contributors/authors (and the Linux community as a whole) by ensuring their works are made available in a timely fashion.

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