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Other Sources of Information

Other sources specifically about writing device drivers.

Randy Bentson recently wrote an interesting book called Inside Linux. It has some information on basic operating system theory, some that is specifically related to Linux, and occasional parts that aren't really related to Linux at all (such as a discussion of the Georgia Tech shell). ISBN 0-916151-89-1, published by Specialized System Consultants

Inline Assembly with DJGPP really applies to any version of GCC on a 386, and some of it is generic GCC inline assembly. Definitely required reading for anyone who wants to do inline assembly with Linux and GCC.

The Annotated Bibliography mentions plenty of books out that don't have ``Linux'' in the title which may be useful to Linux programmers. Especially if you are new to kernel programming, you may do well to pick up one of the textbooks recommended in the bibliography.

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8. Question: Linux Pgrogrammers Guide (LPG) by Federico Lucifredi
7. Feedback: TTY documentation by Michael De La Rue
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1. None: TTY documentation by Eugene Kanter
2. None: Untitled by Yusuf Motiwala
5. None: The vger linux mail list archives by Drew Puch
4. Feedback: German book on Linux Kernel Programming by Jochen Hein
1. Feedback: English version of Linux Kernel Internals by Naoshad Eduljee
-> Question: Book Review? by Josh Du"Bois
-> Feedback: Thumbed through it by Brian J. Murrell
3. News: Multi-architecture support by Michael K. Johnson
1. None: Linux Architecture-Specific Kernel Interfaces by Drew Puch
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