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Question: The way from a kernel hackers' idea to an "official" kernel?

Forum: The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide
Keywords: generic driver major number
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 12:51:42 GMT
From: Roger Schreiter <>

We (see below) want to write a generic MLC driver (MLC stands for multiple logical channel). MLC is perhaps not as important as SCSI, but has a similar structure - HP thinks about making it an IEEE standard.

Is it the right way for us to discuss our ideas about how to build the new driver in the appropriate KHG list? Where do we have to send the code when ready, for it will be part of future stable kernels? Who decides, which major numbers and so on will be assigned to our new type of hardware driver?

Perhaps some KHG readers have already discovered on the Linux Parallel Port Home Page ( the new link to the "Linux driver for the HP officejet" project ( The HP officejet communicates via MLC. We think further MLC capable devices will follow, so it will be useful to write a generic MLC driver.


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