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Question: Appears to be a bug in getwww, though...

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Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 14:51:50 GMT
From: Michael K. Johnson <>

getwww doesn't seem to understand different port numbers. It would be fine if there were a configuration option that said "do follow links that are on the same site but have different port numbers" or "don't follow links that are on the same site but have different port numbers", but getwww doesn't understand either...

When getting the KHG from port 8080, getwww sees absolute links without a port number specified, and assumes that they should come from port 8080 instead of port 80.

There's another bug, but I don't know whether its a but in getwww or in my. Richard says that "it's a good idea to put ~johnsonm/index.html among the URLs to avoid" but I can't make it actually avoid that, and I've tried a lot of command-line arguments by now. Has anyone made that work? I managed to make it not suck down my home page by explicitly telling the server on port 8080 not to serve public_html pages, but that means that the link to the device driver paper it still tries to download and leaves as a broken link (because of the port number bug). It would make more sense for it to leave it as a remote link, I'd think.