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Re: Question Kernel-Level Support for Checkpointing on Linux? (Argenis R. Fernandez)
Keywords: checkpointing, kernel
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 14:40:14 GMT
From: Jan Rychter <>

I'm working on it. I should have something ready in about three weeks. Expect basic process checkpointing. Open files will be restored, network connections for obvious reasons will not. This greatly limits the use of checkpointing.

Also, I probably won't even try to do process trees nor any form of IPC stuff in the first approach. Than can be worked on later.

And BTW, I have two questions right away:

1. Do the VFS inode numbers change after boot ? (e.g. can I just store the inode info for open files?)

2. Is there any way to map inode numbers back to full path names ? (needed for migration, or if (1) is not true)