Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise / SQL Server HOWTO

Kian Spongsveen


Revision History
Revision 1.02003-09-21Revised by: ks
Initial public release
Revision 0.92003-09-05Revised by: ks
Initial draft release

Describes installation and configuration of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (formerly known as SQL Server) relational database server on the Linux platform, together with basic usage.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Copyright and License
1.2. Contact information
1.3. What is Not Covered
1.4. History
1.5. Availability
2. Installation
2.1. Super-quick RPM installation for the impatient
2.2. Pre-install Steps For All Installations
2.3. Unloading the Software to Disk, Part 1: Making Some Considered Decisions
2.4. Unloading the Software to Disk, Part 2: Getting the Job Done
3. Configuring an ASE Server
3.1. Pre-Configuration steps
3.2. Preparing the Data Area
3.3. Starting the Configuration
3.4. Finishing Off
4. Basic Usage
4.1. Starting and Stopping the Server
4.2. Connecting to the Server
4.3. Your First Useful Commands
4.4. Stopping the Server
4.5. Maintenance
4.6. Other Sybase Utilities
5. ASE Architecture: Observing the Server
5.1. Processes
5.2. Physical Storage
5.3. Network
5.4. Memory
5.5. Boot Process
A. Languages for connecting to ASE
B. Technical Resources
C. GNU General Public License
C.1. Preamble