SG_NEXT_CMD_LEN 0x2283. This ioctl() is not required with sg_io_hdr structure since command length is set explicitly for every command. Assumes 3rd argument is pointing to an int. The value of the int (if > 0) will be used as the SCSI command length of the next SCSI command sent to a write() using the sg_header interface. After that write() the SCSI command length logic is reset to use automatic length detection (i.e. depending on SCSI command group and the 'twelve_byte' field). If the current SCSI command length maximum of 16 is exceeded then the affected write() will yield an EDOM error. Giving this ioctl() a value of 0 will set automatic length detection for the next write(). N.B. Only the following write() on this fd is affected by this ioctl().