7. Run Installer

7.1. Apply the libwait.c patch

Before running the installer, do the following in order to overcome some weird errors:

7.2. Configure the Display

Execute the following commands as oracle User :

oracle@9iserver ~> xhost +localhost
oracle@9iserver ~> export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0

You can now connect to your desktop or optionally run the installation remotely, for instance using VNC.for instance running the installer from your Windows desktop

7.3. Start the Installation

Start the graphical installation application:


Now carry with Graphical setup (if you are not sure choose Standard database). From here the rest of the installation process is obvious.

7.4. Fix nodeinfo

Now installation should proceed without any linking errors but you will get one error in the end:

Parameter "nodeinfo" = NO_VALUE
Agent Service Failed

In order to fix this, run the following for starting the wizard after setup has finished:

netca &

Now change into $ORACLE_HOME and run ./lsnrctl start.

Check that the process is running:

ps afx | grep LISTEN