GNU/Linux Aviation HOWTO

Flying with GNU/Linux

Nicolas Dufour

John Petterson

This document is intended to provide pointers to software packages that run under GNU/Linux and are usefull to pilots (private, commercial or military), airlines, airports or any actors in the aeronautical domain. I want to encourage everybody to contribute to this document, either by providing pointers to existing software, or by writing new application for GNU/Linux.

Table of Contents
1. Audience
2. Revision History
3. Contributions
4. Feedback
5. Copyright information
1. Flight
1.1. Planning
1.2. GPS
1.3. Soaring
1.4. Analyzis and Logbook
1.5. Weather
2. Airline
3. Airport
3.1. SMS
4. Simulation
4.1. Flight Simulators
4.2. Navigation Helps
4.3. Others
5. Training
5.1. PilotPal
5.2. NeoKit
6. Data sources
6.1. Environment
6.2. Dynamic streams
6.3. Geographic sources
7. Websites and catalogs
A. About the author
B. Used acronyms