9. Acknowledgments

These are the orignal acknowledgments documented by Michael De La Rue. They have been included in their entirety to ensure that each persons efforts to make Linux more accessibile are acknowledged.

Much of this document was created from various information sources on the Internet, many found from Yahoo and DEC's Alta Vista Search engine. Included in this was the documentation of most of the software packages mentioned in the text. Some information was also gleaned from the Royal National Institute for the Blind's help sheets.

T.V. Raman, the author of Emacspeak has reliably contributed comments, information and text as well as putting me in touch with other people who he knew on the Internet.

Kenneth Albanowski kjahds@kjahds.com provided the patch needed for the Brailloterm and information about it.

Roland Dyroff of S.u.S.E. GmbH (Linux distributors and makers of S.u.S.E. Linux (English/German)) looked up KTS Stolper GmbH at my request and got some hardware details and information on the Brailloterm.

The most major and careful checks over of this document were done by James Bowden, jrbowden@bcs.org and Nikhil Nair nn201@cus.cam.ac.uk, the BRLTTY authors who suggested a large number of corrections as well as extra information for some topics.

The contributors to the blinux and linux-access mailing lists have contributed to this document by providng information for me to read.

Mark E. Novak of the Trace R and D centre http://trace.wisc.edu/ pointed me in the direction of several packages of software and information which I had not seen before. He also made some comments on the structure of the document which I have partially taken into account and should probably do more about.

Other contributors include Nicolas Pitrie and Stephane Doyon.

A number of other people have contributed comments and information. Specific contributions are acknowledged within the document.

This version was specifically produced for RedHat's Dr. Linux book. This is because they provided warning of it's impending release to myself and other LDP authors. Their doing this is strongly appreciated since wrong or old information sits around much longer in a book than on the Internet.

No doubt you made a contribution and I haven't mentioned it. Don't worry, it was an accident. I'm sorry. Just tell me and I will add you to the next version.