WordPerfect on Linux FAQ

Rick Moen

1.4.19, 2004-10-08


WordPerfect for Linux continues to be popular, and is still conditionally available. This FAQ covers its place in the modern Linux world, and answers common questions.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Nature of the FAQ.
1.2. The Big Picture.
2. Taxonomy and History
2.1. Corel WordPerfect Product Strategy
2.2. Versions and Editions
3. Technical Problems.
3.1. WP 8.0 DPE for Linux installs but won't start on my Linux distribution. How do I fix that?
3.2. WP 8.0 DPE for Linux installs perfectly, and runs fine for the root user, but quits with a segmentation fault if any non-root user starts it. What's the cause?
3.3. How do I stop the WP 8.x installer from getting diagnostic message "../install.wp: [: 18-10: integer expression expected" followed a short while later by termination with a Segmentation Fault error?
3.4. How do I fix the WP 8.x installer's failures resulting from errors copying files onto my NFS network drive?
3.5. How do I fix MS-Word import / export filters (the Filtrix module) on WP 8.x for Linux?
3.6. Why didn't Corel itself release any fix for the MS-Word / Filtrix problem, especially given its obligations to purchasers of boxed-set versions?
3.7. How do I make WP for Linux's integration with KDE Address Book ("kab") work with KDE2 / KDE3?
3.8. I get rendering problems with icons and other graphical objects when running WP for Linux at greater than 16 bits per pixel. How do I fix that?
3.9. Can I make WP for Linux use TrueType fonts?
3.10. How do I get printing to work?
3.11. How do I keep the "WordPerfect 8 for Linux" re-release's installer from crashing?
3.12. Can my language's absence from the "WordPerfect 8 for Linux" re-release be fixed?
3.13. Why aren't the PostScript Type 1 fonts I've installed available in WP?
3.14. Why aren't the PostScript Type 1 fonts I've installed available to applications other than WP?
3.15. I see the process "wpexc" still running in my system process table, even after quitting WordPerfect. If the WordPerfect program is "xwp", what's "wpexc", and why does it need to remain running?
3.16. What is the "xwppmgr" process?
3.17. How do I prevent "xwp" from starting the wrong version of WordPerfect?
3.18. How do I get WP to support my wheelmouse?
3.19. WP9 stopped working / won't install, even with the upgraded support packages and installer. How do I fix that?
4. Downloadable WP 8
4.1. Where can I find a copy of WP 8.0 DPE for Linux? What filenames should I look for?
4.2. After I locate WP 8.0 DPE for Linux, how do I install it, and what can I do to improve and fix it?
4.3. Given that Corel has ceased publishing it, is redistribution of WP 8.0 DPE for Linux still lawful?
4.4. What are the licence restrictions on WP 8.0 DPE for Linux?
4.5. Suppose I suddenly need to use my copy of WP 8.0 DPE for Linux in a commercial setting. Can I upgrade my licence?
4.6. How can I add more fonts to WP 8.0 DPE?
4.7. How do I add additional language files (other than US English) to WP 8.0 DPE (or the 2003-4 "pilot project" re-release)?
4.8. Where will we get new WP 8.0 registration keys, if / when Corel stops offering them at the page linked from http://venus.corel.com/nasapps/wp8linuxreg/register.html?
5. Non-downloadable WP 8
5.1. Where can I find a copy of WP 8.1 for Linux?
5.2. What does WP 8.1 give me that's not in WP 8.0 DPE?
5.3. What are the licence restrictions on WP 8.1 for Linux?
5.4. Why was WP missing from CLOS Deluxe / Standard Editions version 1.1?
5.5. How do I install WP 8.1 (from a CLOS boxed set) on some other Linux distribution?
5.6. How do I add fonts to WP 8.1?
5.7. What's the difference between the WP versions bundled with CLOS boxed-set versions 1.0 and 1.2?
5.8. Where can I get a boxed-set copy of WP 8.0 PE?
5.9. Where can I find a boxed-set copy of WP 8.0 Server Edition for Linux?
6. WP version 9
6.1. Isn't WP 9 For Linux (in the WP Office 2000suite) better than WP 8.1?
6.2. Why didn't Corel do WP 9 as a native Linux port?
6.3. Is there anything I can do to maintain or improve WP9 for Linux?
6.4. Where can I find a copy of WP9 / WP Office 2000 for Linux?
7. Documentation
7.1. What books are available concerning WP for Linux?
7.2. WP 8.x's access to on-line docs doesn't work any more, saying "document not found (404 error)". Where did they go?
8. The Future
8.1. Why did Corel cease publishing WP for Linux?
8.2. Why is Corel still selling WP versions for other Unixes, but not Linux?
8.3. Won't WP for Linux re-emerge as part of Xandros Desktop?
8.4. If Corel doesn't want to sell WP for Linux, why doesn't it open-source the program?
8.5. What alternatives to WP exist on Linux?
8.6. What alternatives to WP exist involving Win32 apps on Linux?
9. Feedback. Location. Copyright and Redistribution Terms.