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Linux User Caricatures

By Franck Alcidi

Due to popular demand, I created a Slackware geek caricature as well as a Red Flag geek caricature. The Slackware character comes across to me as being the very cool, confident Linux hacker. If you know Slackware, bets are you know Linux inside and out ;-)

[Slackware geek cartoon]


The Red Flag geek caricature comes from Asia. Being a Linux distribution developed in China it was pretty clear cut how this fellow was going to look (well to me anyway). Lets hope this distribution continues to grow and place a bit of pressure on MS. I'm sure this particular distro is going to be very popular amongst our asian buddies.

[Red Flag geek cartoon]

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Important - You can view my other artwork and sketches on my new website.

Franck Alcidi

Franck is an artist in Australia. His home page ("Artsolute Linux") is

Copyright © 2002, Franck Alcidi.
Copying license
Published in Issue 78 of Linux Gazette, May 2002

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