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¶: Greetings From Heather Stern
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(¶) Greetings from Heather Stern

Hi folks. I've been having such fun this season. The only thing sad for me is, I still haven't gotten around to updating my workstation. I did update my laptop tho. Debian Testing is coming along nicely.

Okay, I'll make the Peeve of the Month quick. First a big hand to most of our querents for using real subject lines! Some of you still need to work on it tho. However, abuse of Quoted Printable when you only have plain English messages jumps back into number one. Our foreign messages are up, so maybe half the people who did this really had a romance language to defend.

We've got some very good general information this month which I hope you'll find tasty.

Before I take on this years "New Years Resolution" (21" diagonal sound good?) I suppose I'd better finish setting up last years... I've got a color inkjet here, a nice little Epson Stylus. Of course if I want it to work under most circumstances I have to recompile Ghostscript with gimp-print extensions, which means adding a half dozen -devel rpms, and... and... you know, this is a real pain. I don't even see that one of the fancier print environments would help. Aaaargh.

And to think I was ragging on word processors last year. I have to say they've gotten much better. They crash less often than Netscape (well, ok, that isn't saying much for some folks, but I got NS to be pretty stable a while ago. Leaving JS off seems to help a lot). Documents are getting to be kinda usable. I saw a freshmeat app pushing to be a desktop publishing program. What I really wonder is when someone is going to write the "obvious" wrapper around the GIMP or ImageMagick to do all those old "Print Shop Deluxe" kind of things in a fairly slick way. Of course I'm bucking for The GIMP, because it's supposed to make my color printer happy...

Well, enjoy your bit of the bubbly, try not to blow up anything when you set off your OpenGL firecrackers, and don't get run over, it's bad for your health. I won't be at LWE New York, I've been travelling way too much lately, but if you're going, consider writing a show review for the Gazette, okay?

See ya!

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