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Fil & Lil

By ESC Technologies






Who are Fil & Lil Tux?
They are evolving characters! Fil Tux is a Linux Zealot trying to indoctrinate Lil Tux.

When did Fil & Lil Tux begin?
Concept was created December 18, 2001. The first cartoon appeared on December 26, 2001.

Would you like to use Fil & Lil on your website? Go for it! All we ask is that you link back to their home page:

ESC's Lora Heiny writes:

The first cartoon is a play on the marketing of OS and how the users react. Windows 95/98 is archaic and users are in the dark about OS options. Windows XP is primary and attracts basic users. Linux users see things as black and white, such as, "there should be Linux on every desktop".

Here's a little brief on the characters in the cartoon:


Age: 39
Eats: Fish & chips
Favorite TV show: Hawaii Five-0
Favorite cartoon: Batman
Favorite comedian: Groucho Marx
Favorite Marx quote: "You know I could just rent you out as a decoy for duck hunters?"
Age: 29
Eats: bird seed
Pets: AJ & Gracie (fictitious dogs on
Lil wants to know why people use Linux and what Linux is all about.
Lil's quote: We're not cartoonists. We were just sitting around the table,
Fil started making jokes, and I started writing them down.

Now to more serious stuff:

Fil and Lil are combinations of people we know, customers, distributors, and manufacturers. ESC Technologies operates computer information websites, in addition to being a system builder and component supplier. We like Linux and thought the community needed a chuckle or two.

Layne Heiny, VP ESC Technologies R&D, comes up with most of the jokes and draws Fil & Lil. Loren Heiny, Founder, also comes up with jokes and funny scenarios.

Lora Heiny, General partner ESC Technologies, draws the background and layout for the cartoon. I edit and delete the REALLY bad jokes.

Copyright © 2002, ESC Technologies.
Copying license
Published in Issue 74 of Linux Gazette, January 2002

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