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iI've got an IDE CD-RW...

Wed Feb 14 15:52:09 PST 2001
Heather Stern (The Editor Gal)

Joey Winchester asked:

I need to use the ide-scsi.o module, but NONE of the 'HOWTOs' help, they just give the code to check 'cdrecord -scanbus'. Okay, my CD-RW's not listed, so WHAT DO I DO?? The HOWTOs aren't helpful at ALL. So how can I recompile the kernel to use my IDE drive as a CD-RW and NOT just a CD-ROM.

You need to give the kernel an option, to warn it that it not only requires the hardware level driver (IDE CDROM in this case) but also the IDE-SCSI interface driver. This applies just as much if your ATAPI device is builtin, or attached via Cardbus (as mine is). The easiest place to put this is in your /etc/lilo.conf:
If you have more than one kernel option, though, they have to be in one big append statement. What will happen is that you'll get some sort of warning message about a missing driver as the drive initializes. Ignore it, your device should be able to read fine without that. But, when you want to write, then modprobe ide-scsi and your virtual SCSI host will be established. After that the normal instructions for cdrecord and all its brethren will work.

3 legged router: FreeSco

Mon, 5 Feb 2001 10:50:42 -0500
Ray (taylor864 from yahoo.com)

First, let me comment that I think TAG is exceptional. I stumbled upon it by accident, and ended up reading every question and answer, and after this email, will be going to look for previous months. Anyhow, in reference to one of the questions asked about a firewall (Firewall for a SOHO From Tom Bynum), you suggested a 3 legged Linux box to do his routing / Firewalling. There is a free router / firewall called FreeSCo (stands for FREE ciSCO) (http://www.freesco.org) that is essentially a firewall on a floppy, with support for a DMZ. I uses (I believe) masq and IPChains. Runs a mimumum of services, etc. You most likely already knew about it, but I thought I'd pass this along (since the guy lives by your mom and all).

Have a good 'un.


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