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From the Editor

Our authors have been especially prolific this month. Fernando Correa contributed four articles, Pat Eyler two, and Mark Nielsen two. In addition, Shane Collinge contributed six HelpDex cartoons.

Linux Gazette is now under the Open Publication License (OPL)
( This will not limit anyone's ability to distribute the Gazette and its articles in the usual manner--via mirrors, LDP mirrors, FTP files, commercial and non-commercial CD-ROMs, user-group newsletters, xeroxed copies for your class, etc. We remain committed to allowing LG to be distributed as widely as possible.

The reason for this change is that we have been receiving a few articles under the OPL. In some cases, the author has been willing to switch to the traditional LG license. However, in two cases the author was under contractual obligation with a publisher to release only under the OPL. We at LG wish to use a single license as much as possible to make things easier on our republishers. Therefore, because OPL is (1) compatible with the traditional Linux Gazette license, (2) gaining respect in the publishing world, and (3) more precise than the old license, we decided to adopt it. This also affirms our support for the OPL and similar licenses, and we hope they get used more widely.

As always, each article is copyright by its author. If you copy an article, you must include its copyright notice. A link back to is requested but not required.

As the OPL states, if you modify an article to the point that its meaning is changed, you must clearly explain what you changed, who changed it, who the original author was, and how to obtain a copy of the unmodified original.

If you republish an article or a modified version, you may not impose additional restrictions on its distribution.

Note that the author, being the copyright holder, is not bound by the license. S/he is free to republish the article, or allow it to be republished, under any license s/he desires.

LG's official copying statement is at In addition, the LG FAQ has been updated to reflect the change.

If anybody has any questions or concerns, please contact the Editor at will be switching to name-based virtual hosting in early September. This means older browsers (which lack the HTTP 1.1 capability) may have difficulty viewing it. If this happens to you, please tell us.

This page written and maintained by the Editors of the Linux Gazette. Copyright © 2000,
Published in Issue 57 of Linux Gazette, September 2000

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