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Matthias Arndt

Matthias Arndt, 20 years old, I'm a Linux enthusiast, I'm from Germany and I will start studying computer sciences in conjuction with economics in October. I like good old Rock'n'Roll and, of course, Linux.. I love writing stories and I have always wanted to write for a computer magazine.

Shane Collinge

Part computer programmer, part cartoonist, part Mars Bar. At night, he runs around in a pair of colorful tights fighting criminals. During the day... well, he just runs around. He eats when he's hungry and sleeps when he's sleepy.

Fernando Correa

Fernando is a computer analyst just about to finish his graduation at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Now, he has built with his staff the best Linux portal in Brazil and have further plans to improve services and content for their Internet users.

Pat Eyler

"pate" is a linux/unix/networking geek who enjoys playing on the command line. When he's not puttering with or writing about computers and networks he likes to play with his kids, cook, and read. Talk to him at

Daniel Feenberg

Daniel Feenberg is an economist and IT director at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a non-profit foundation in Cambridge, where his main work is the analysis of the behavioral effects of income taxation. He first used Unix (Bell Labs Version 6) in the mid 1970s on a PDP-11 with 3 glass teletypes and 10 megabytes of disk storage. But it ran 'ed' fine.

Ray Ferrari

I am a newbie to the Linux community, but have been following the rise of popularity for almost two years now. I continue to learn as much as possible about the Linux operating system in an attempt to become proficient and knowledgeable in it's use as an internet platform. I have volunteered on the Debian mailing list, and I continue to assist the Linux Professional Institute(LPI) promote their agenda. I help staff the LPI booths at events and write articles updating their achievements.

Eric Kasten

I'm a software developer by day and an artist, web developer, big dog, gardener and wine maker by night. This all leaves very little time for sleep, but always enough time for a nice glass of Michigan Pinot Gris. I have a BS double major in Computer Science and Mathematics and an MS in Computer Science. I've been using and modifying Linux since the 0.9x days. I can be reached via email at or through my website at

Mark Nielsen

Mark founded The Computer Underground, Inc. in June of 1998. Since then, he has been working on Linux solutions for his customers ranging from custom computer hardware sales to programming and networking. Mark specializes in Perl, SQL, and HTML programming along with Beowulf clusters. Mark believes in the concept of contributing back to the Linux community which helped to start his company. Mark and his employees are always looking for exciting projects to do.

Ben Okopnik

A cyberjack-of-all-trades, Ben wanders the world in his 38' sailboat, building networks and hacking on hardware and software whenever he runs out of cruising money. He's been playing and working with computers since the Elder Days (anybody remember the Elf II?), and isn't about to stop any time soon.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is a Linux/Unix and Internet security consultant. He has been working on various Linux and Unix systems for more than 2 years. He is providing commercial support for Linux/Unix systems and writing technical articles. His professional web site is

Juraj Sipos

I live and work in Bratislava, Slovakia as a library information worker, translator and research reader at the Institute for Child Psychology. I published some of my poetry here and in USA, I translated some books from English (e.g., Zen Flesh, Zen Bones by Paul Reps). You can see some of my stories and poetry at Computers are my hobby.

Martin Skjöldebrand

Martin is a former archaeologist who now does system administration for a 3rd world aid organisation. He also does web design and has been playing with computers since 1982 and Linux since 1997.

Chris Stoddard

I work for Dell Computer Corporation doing "not Linux" stuff. I have been using computers since 1979 and I started using Linux sometime in 1994, exclusivly since 1997. My main interest is in networking implementations, servers, security, Beowulf clusters etc. I hope someday to quit my day job and become the Shepard of a Linux Farm.

Ben Tindale

I'm working full time for Alcatel Australia on various xDSL technologies and writing Java based web apps. I've currently taken a year off from studying to work, and have just sold my share in an internet cafe I helped to found. So much to learn, so little time :)

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