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About This Month's Authors

Shane Collinge

Part computer programmer, part cartoonist, part Mars Bar. At night, he runs around in a pair of colorful tights fighting criminals. During the day... well, he just runs around. He eats when he's hungry and sleeps when he's sleepy.

Matteo Dell'Omodarme

I'm a student at the University of Pisa and a Linux user since 1994. Now I'm working on the administration of Linux boxes at the Astronomy section of the Department of Physics, with special experience about security.

Edward Livingston-Blade

Edward is the netadmin and webmaster at Palm Springs Adult School in Palm Springs, California. He also teaches some of their computers classes, and when he's not working for the school, he does freelance consulting and troubleshooting. In his free time, he hacks on Linux (of course) and maintains Edward's Linux BrainDump. He is thinking about joining a support group for computer geeks who take on too many responsibilities. (And if there isn't such a group, maybe he can start one? How much work could that be?)

Wolfgang Mauerer

Wolfgang wrote the German book Textverarbeitung mit LaTeX unter Unix. he sometimes works for the German Linux Magazin as a technical writer, and is an employee of the small German web company MyNetix, where he acts as programmer and system administrator.

Mark Nielsen

Mark founded The Computer Underground, Inc. in June of 1998. Since then, he has been working on Linux solutions for his customers ranging from custom computer hardware sales to programming and networking. Mark specializes in Perl, SQL, and HTML programming along with Beowulf clusters. Mark believes in the concept of contributing back to the Linux community which helped to start his company. Mark and his employees are always looking for exciting projects to do.

Krassimir Petrov

Krassimir has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Ohio State University. He also has an MA in Economics and a BA in Business (Finance, Accounting, Management).

Pramode C.E and Gopakumar C.E

Pramode works as a teacher and programmer while Gopakumar is an engineering student who likes to play with Linux and electronic circuits.

Jason Steffler

Jason is a software engineer currently consulting at Sprint in KC.  His computer-related interests include: Object-Oriented programming & design, Smalltalking, software development methodologies, large industrial software systems that often address 'wicked' problems, and of course, noodl'n around with Linux.

Alex Vrenios

Alex is a Lead Software Engineer at Motorola. He is always taking some sort of class. He just finished the class work toward a Ph.D. in computer science, but only time will tell if it goes any further. His wife, Diane, is certainly his best friend and biggest fan. He enjoys his two Schnauzers, Brutus and Cleo, and his dozens of African Ciclids, too. He is a licensed amateur radio operator, as is Diane, and they spend more than a few nights together observing the skies through their 5-inch telescope. They like to get out and stay active, to enjoy life together.

Not Linux

This caricature of your humble editor is by Shane Collinge, who draws our HelpDex series. your editor

The post-WTO protest to shut down Microsoft (or at least annoy them) took place as scheduled, but your editor had a doctor's appointment and couldn't attend. News coverage was scanty except for this Seattle Times article. The Seattle Weekly later did an analysis of the event, although only the first part of the article is direcly about Microsoft.

Ironically, Microsoft Singapore sent the Gazette a nice piece of spam about a "Windows 2000 Professional Sales Training" seminar. "Come and learn all about Windows 2000 Professional, then take the online test. Microsoft will award all who pass with a certificate you can frame and show others your achievement." I can't wait. Not.

Thanks for sending in your articles and 2-cent tips. Remember to have fun with Linux this month!

Michael Orr
Editor, Linux Gazette, gazette@linuxgazette.net

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