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The Back Page

About This Month's Authors

Gerard Beekmans

Gerard is the founder of TTS Solutions. TTS' aim is to provide a wide range of services to the Linux community, for free. This free help is based on the philosophy that we know what it feels like to be in need of help and answers and not able to find them. Or one does find somebody and that person is willing to help...for a price.

Bill Bennet

Bill, the ComputerHelperGuy, lives in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada; the "Catfish Capitol of North America" if not the world. He is on the Internet at www.chguy.net. He tells us "I have been a PC user since 1983 when I got my start as a Radio Shack manager. After five years in the trenches, I went into business for myself. Now happily divorced from reality, I live next to my Linux box and sell and support GPL distributions of all major Linux flavours. I was a beta tester for the PC version of Playmaker Football and I play `pentium-required' games on the i486. I want to help Linux become a great success in the gaming world, since that will be how Linux will take over the desktop from DOS." It is hard to believe that his five years of university was only good for fostering creative writing skills.

Eric Fischer

Eric currently lives in Chicago, Illinois and is employed by RootsWeb, Inc. He was formerly involved in the development of the Vim text editor.

Sean Lamb

I am a computer science major and LAN Admin at Lakeland College's Madison, WI, campus as well as a member of the Wisconsin DOT Help Desk and Server Backup teams. My previous Linux experience was solely with RedHat until installing Caldera 2.2. I am a member of MadLUG (the Madison Linux User Group, at http://madlug.jvlnet.com) and an active contributor to the user group's web presence. When I'm not playing with Linux, I'm building and running my model railroad. I can be reached at slambo42@my-dejanews.com.

Mike Orr

Mike is the Editor of the Linux Gazette. You can read what he has to say in the Back Page column in this issue. He has been a Linux enthusiast since 1991 and a Debian user since 1995. He is SSC's Webmaster. He also enjoys the Python programming language. Non-computer interests include ska/oi! music and the international language Esperanto.

Pramode C.E and Gopakumar C.E

Pramode works as a teacher and programmer while Gopakumar is an engineering student who likes to play with Linux and electronic circuits.

Anderson Silva

Anderson is a Senior at Liberty University majoring in Computer Science. Originally from Brazil, now he works at the University's Information Technology Center. He is also a member of the Lynchburg Linux User Group in Lynchburg, Virginia.

PJ Wessel

PJ Wessel is a home user who writes poetry, designs web pages part time, and builds computers as a hobby.

He volunteers as staff support at NoWonder, a live 24-hour tech support site for all systems including OS/2, Linux, NT, MAC and Win3.1, W95, W98 and W2000. Wessel answers questions relating to W95, W98, and hopes to field Linux questions soon.

Wessel's comments concerning design are published at Alertbox a site devoted to web design useability by Dr. Jacob Nielson. Wessel will reply to comments or questions.

Not Linux

[ Penguin reading the Linux Gazette ]

This was quite an eventful month for me. It started with the WTO week, then I got sick, then I started a big web project at work, then I had a couple personal issues, then Christmas (I made my mom curry). And now (Dec. 28) it's three days to New Year's, when the Millenium Bug will or will not cause problems, and terrorists will or will not attack, but I will definitely be out with me mates celebrating. New Year's festivities at Seattle Center were cancelled today; no doubt the mayor didn't want to think about having two disasters in one month.

Meanwhile, the Linux Gazette letter of the month arrived:

I'm very pleased to contact with Red Hat. I would like to ask you a faver. Please let me know the e-mail address of the "STOCK MANAGER". I have several questions for your stock and the business progress state with Korea. I'm looking forward to your quick response.

I wrote back saying, "Hi. The Linux Gazette is not related to Red Hat. Please contact Red Hat directly via their web site, www.redhat.com."

-Mike Orr

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