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About This Month's Authors

Steven Adler

While not building detectors in search of the quark gluon plasma, Steve Adler spends his time either 4 wheeling around the lab grounds or writing articles about the people behind the open source movement.

Eugene Blanchard

Eugene is an Instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he teaches electronics, digital, microprocessors, data communications, and operating systems/networking in the Novell, Windows and Unix worlds. When he is not spending quality time with his wonderful wife and 18 month old daughter watching Barney videos, he can be found in front of his Linux box. His hobbies are hiking, backpacking, bicycling and chess.

Eric Fischer

Eric currently lives in Chicago, Illinois and is employed by RootsWeb, Inc. He was formerly involved in the development of the Vim text editor.

David Fisher

Dave has been working as a software consultant for 12 years doing development, QA, and automation in both military and commercial projects. He also designs strategic games and is a published musician.

Eoin Lane

Eoin is the managing director of InConn Technologies Ltd., an intranet document management company. After completing his Ph.D., in chemical physics Eoin saw the potential of using a Linux server to centrally manage documents, from this he decided to set up the company InConn Technologies Ltd., to explore this technology commercially. Eoin specialises in XML solutions for complex document and knowledge management problems.

JC Pollman and Bill Mote

JC has been playing with Linux since kernel 1.0.59. He spend way too much time at the keyboard and even let his day job - the military - interfere once in a while. His biggest concern about linux is the lack of documentation for the intermediate user. There is already too much beginner's stuff, and the professional material is often beyond the new enthusiast.

Bill is the Technical Support Services manager for a multi-billion dollar publishing company and is responsible for providing 1st and 2nd level support services to their 500+ road-warrior sales force as well as their 3,500 workstation and laptop users. He was introduced to Linux by a good friend in 1996 and thought Slackware was the end-all-be-all of the OS world ... until he found Mandrake in early 1999. Since then he's used his documentation skills to help those new to Linux find their way.

Bob Reid

Rob is doing his Ph.D. in Astronomy at the University of Toronto, where he was a system administrator on the side for a while along with running his own Linux boxes at home and school since 1995.

Not Linux

[ Penguin reading the Linux Gazette ]

This issue is short on articles because the Thanksgiving weekend pushed the deadline too far forward for some of the authors. Articles by LG regulars Bill Bennet, Slambo, Sean Lamb and Anderson Silva will be in the January issue.

Since the Linux Gazette Spam Count has been hovering steadily at 26-28%, I decided to look at a new statistic this month: the Linux Gazette Bounce Count. This is the number of messages that were undeliverable on the 5500-member lg-announce mailing list. Bounce count: 1034 messages, creating a wopping 7.5 MB file of error messages. Most of these were because of the mail loop created by the jankog@penatex.si address, which is now unsubscribed. There are still some problems which duplicate messages on the list. We are currently trying to pin down where these messages are being generated from.

Today is the first day of the World Trade Organization meetings her in Seattle, and the protesters stated a day earlier than expected, on Sunday. Nothing unusual to report so far that you won't find in the papers.

Finally, a tongue twister from my boss Dan Wilder. Say it three times fast:

How many nets could a Netwinder wind if a Netwinder could wind nets?

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