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Steven Adler

While not building detectors in search of the quark gluon plasma, Steve Adler spends his time either 4 wheeling around the lab grounds or writing articles about the people behind the open source movement.

Larry Ayers

Larry Ayers lives with his family on a small farm in Northeast Missouri; he is a woodworker, fiddler and general jack-of-all-trades. He can be reached at

Eugene Blanchard

Eugene is an Instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he teaches electronics, digital, microprocessors, data communications, and operating systems/networking in the Novell, Windows and Unix worlds. When he is not spending quality time with his wonderful wife and 18 month old daughter watching Barney videos, he can be found in front of his Linux box. His hobbies are hiking, backpacking, bicycling and chess.

Pedro Paulo Ferreira Bueno and Antonio Pires de Castro Junior

Pedro is a Science Computer Student from Catholic University of Goiás (UCG- Brazil) and the manager of LinuxGO, the Goiás Linux User Group and the network card moderator at Linux Knowledge Base. He is a maniac linux user since he started with Linux in Kernel 2.0.7. When he is not in front of his linux machine he is probability playing soccer. He can be reached at

Antonio is a masters degree student at UNICAMP. He is co-founder of LinuxGO and his favorite research topic is Network Communication. He can be reached at:

Jim Dennis

Jim is the proprietor of Starshine Technical Services and is now working for LinuxCare. His professional experience includes work in the technical support, quality assurance, and information services (MIS) departments of software companies like Quarterdeck, Symantec/Peter Norton Group and McAfee Associates -- as well as positions (field service rep) with smaller VAR's. He's been using Linux since version 0.99p10 and is an active participant on an ever-changing list of mailing lists and newsgroups. He's just started collaborating on the 2nd Edition for a book on Unix systems administration. Jim is an avid science fiction fan -- and was married at the World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim.

Alex Heizer

Alex is a computer enthusiast living in New Jersey. He began on UNIX mainframes at his father's company as a child in the '70s and has worked on most varieties of desktop computers. Although most of his experience in the past 10 years has been on Microsoft (yecch!), his first ISP in 1994 ran Linux, and he has used and advocated Linux exclusively for more than a year.

Peter Lukas

Peter currently works as a Security Engineer for a large Midwestern Internet Service Provider. When he's not fighting crime on-line, he enjoys writing and improving his golf game. He can be reached by sending mail to

Vladimir Makarov

Vladimir has been a member of GCC team of Cygnus since March 1998. He has worked in the compiler field since 1980. He has been a Linux user since 1993.

Bill Mote

Bill is the Technical Support Services manager for a multi-billion dollar publishing company and is responsible for providing 1st and 2nd level support services to their 500+ roadwarrior sales force as well as their 3,500 workstation and laptop users. He was introduced to Linux by a good friend in 1996 and thought Slackware was the end-all-be-all of the OS world ... until he found Mandrake in early 1999. Since then he's used his documentation skills to help those new to Linux find their way.

Mark Nielsen

Mark founded The Computer Underground, Inc. in June of 1998. Since then, he has been working on Linux solutions for his customers ranging from custom computer hardware sales to programming and networking. Mark specializes in Perl, SQL, and HTML programming along with Beowulf clusters. Mark believes in the concept of contributing back to the Linux community which helped to start his company. Mark and his employees are always looking for exciting projects to do.

Jesper Pedersen

Jesper lives in Odense, Denmark. He is the author of the book "Sams Teach Yourself Emacs in 24 Hours", the program "The Dotfile Generator", the Emacs package "Power Macros", and is the chairman of the Linux User Group on Funen in Denmark. In his spare time, he enjoys drinking wine and listening to music (esp. Depeche Mode) with his girlfriend Anne Helene, and walking in the nature. For more information on Jesper, the Emacs book, The Dotfile Generator or Power Macros, please visit

JC Pollman

I have been playing with linux since kernel 1.0.59. I spend way too much time at the keyboard and even let my day job - the military - interfere once in a while. My biggest concern about linux is the lack of documentation for the intermediate user. There is already too much beginner's stuff, and the professional material is often beyond the new enthusiast.

Bob Reid

Rob is doing his Ph.D. in Astronomy at the University of Toronto, where he was a system administrator on the side for a while along with running his own Linux boxes at home and school since 1995.

Anderson Silva

Anderson is a Senior at Liberty University majoring in Computer Science. Originally from Brazil, now he works at the University's Information Technology Center. He is also a member of the Lynchburg Linux User Group in Lynchburg, Virginia.


I've been playing with PCs since the early 80s, and got a hold of Linux about 2 years ago. For the last 7 years I have provided end-user computer support, and written documentation mainly for other support reps. In the last year I have begun writing for publication, including articles in Linux Gazette and contributing some chapters for "Special Edition Using KDE" (Que Publishing, due out November 99). I am a member of the Madison Linux User Group and the Open Source Writers Group. When I'm not working or playing on my computer, I am building and operating model railroads and attending meets of the South Central Wisconsin Division NMRA and the Capitol City "N"Gineers. I can be reached via email at

Mark Stacey

Mark Stacey <> graduated from the University of Limerick, Ireland, in 1998 with a first class honors degree in Computer Engineering. His interests include Java programming and Web development. He currently works for ICL in the Information Technology Center based in Dublin, Ireland.

Alan Ward

"Alan teaches CS in Andorra at highschool and university levels. He's back to Unix this year after an 8-year forced interlude since he graduated -- it makes networking so much easier. His hobbies include science photography (both digital and traditional), trekking, rock and processor collecting.

Not Linux

[ Penguin reading the Linux Gazette ]

This month's Gazette is again chock-full of articles --- 19 of them, not counting the regular columns. Way to go, authors! New features this month include the subject index for the Answer Guy, and a new series. Slambo has begun a series of web site reviews called "LSOTM (Linux Site O' The Month)".

Professor A Cartelli wrote in about his Italian translation of the Gazette, so I took the opportunity to ask how long it takes to do the translation and how many people are involved. He said, "Too much time, not enough people. We are usually one month late after your magazine. It usually takes 6-10 people."

The Gazette received 389 letters this month. Of these, 104 were spam. The Linux Gazette Spam Count for November is therefore 26%, down 2% from last month.

Here are excerpts from the more hilarious ads:

This edition of the Linux Gazette was brought to you by the Dropkick Murphys, Anti-Flag, H20, and Punk-O-Rama 4, which were playing in my walkman continuously as I formatted the columns and the Table of Contents.

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