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(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

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(!) Greetings from Jim Dennis

So, I spent half of the month in Japan. The first week that I was there I was too busy, tired and disoriented to get any e-mail.

So my column this month is a bit thin. Of course there is this one message that's pretty long. I think it's the second longest I've ever written here. The longest was on Internet Routing. That one is being used as supplemental reading for a couple of college course from what I hear. This one is not likely to join it.

Meanwhile I still have about 3000 messages in my backlog folder which will take some going through. Luckily I use MH, so I'll probably develop a script to process most of the routine stuff.

Speaking of "routine" Mike Orr, and Heather have taken steps to reduce the number of "routine" questions we get here in Linux Gazette. They've created an FAQ and an index to all of my previous "Answer Guy" questions. I haven't seen it yet --- but hopefully we can convince people to use it. There are about 900 questions that I've answered listed.

That, and the fact that the WebGlimpse engine at Linux Gazette (http://www.linuxgazette.com) seems to be working at last, might help people answer alot of their own questions (which is the whole reason I put so much time into TAG anyway).

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