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The Future of Linux

14 July 1998

Door Prizes

Due to the problems with registering, the door prizes were handed out on the basis of birthdays instead of tickets. They included quite a number of copies of Red Hat, not only for Intel but also for Alpha and SPARC, some red hats, possibly some t-shirts and at least one boxed, stainless steel mug with an Intel logo on it. In addition, there were free VA Research t-shirts and copies of the July 1998 issue of Linux Journal for (almost) everyone, and Intel was busy handing out Bunny People key chains in the demo area.


VA Research had a number of lust-inducing machines on display, all running Linux and a host of interesting window managers and applications (including Quake II, the Persistance of Vision ray-tracer (POV-Ray), the GIMP, a Linux kernel compile, SMP-aware xosview, some image viewers, possibly Rasterman's Enlightenment GUI, etc.). All of the machines were running 400 MHz Pentium IIs; the Xeons each had 1 MB of onboard L2 cache (per chip, that is) running at full (400 MHz) system speed.

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