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Dynamic IP Web Solution Using Geocities Web Account

by Henry H Lu, fasta@geocities.com

Since I published an article "Setting Up a Dynamic IP Web Server" in Linux Gazette issue #10, I have lost all the free school web accounts. Because I need a permenent web page to bridge the linux dynamic web server at home, I have been lucky to found out that Geocities free web account can be used with a little bit hack. Geocities free web account with 2MB space and free email can be obtained at http://www.geocities.com .

Geocities web page can be updated by ftp method. However, geocities ftp procedure requires that *.html files are ftped with asii mode and *.jpg, *.tgz files are ftped by binary mode. I found out that if I use the wrong mode, web pages can not be updated. It took about 10 minutes in my test to update ( or overwrite) the web page after the updated file was ftped, so that you have to be patient to wait for your result with Geocities account.


The following is the ftp part of scripts in file web_up, web_down:


if echo -e "ascii\ncd /pub/homestead\nput up.html dynamic.html" \

| /usr/bin/ftp -v geocities


if echo -e "ascii\ncd /pub/homestead\nput down.html dynamic.html" \

| /usr/bin/ftp -v geocities

Source files like ppp-up and ppp-down are also updated to reflect the change.

The following sentence can be added to file /etc/ppp/ppp-up in order to use email to tell us current IP address of your linux box:

mail -s "$4" fasta@geocities.com < /etc/add


In conclusion, although it is not as convenient as the typical unix shell account to update the web page by using free Geocities web account, it serves us well for bridge to our dynamic web server at home with zero cost. For detailed information, please read my original article in issue #10, and check out my new web page for updated source code.

Copyright © 1997, Henry H. Lu
Published in Issue 16 of the Linux Gazette, April 1997