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Usenix/Uselinux Photo Album

Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, site of Usenix/Uselinux.

Uncharacteristic Anaheim Sunshine.

Usenix draws a seriously technical crowd.

Stephen Tweedie gave a tutorial on the Linux 2.0 kernel.

Linus Torvalds, Cyrus Durgin, and Phil Hughes (holding SSC's popular new T-shirt).

Fred van Kempen and Joe Goldberger of Infomagic at Tuesday's BoF session.

Linuxers at Yggdrasil's Booth.

WSG's booth draws Linux enthusiasts.

Linux talk at bru's booth.

Tux, Jon "maddog" Hall, and Tom Chmielewski at Dec's booth.

Kevin Pierce manning SSC's booth.

Arnold Robbins, Phil Hughes and Lydia Tru model SSC's "fences" shirt.

The crowd at Linus' talk.

Linus and Linux Surrounded by Admirers.

Copyright © 1997, Photographers, Peter Struijk & Phil Hughes
Published in Issue 14 of the Linux Gazette