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 Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 08:34:05 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Linux Gazette Suggestion
From: kaehny@execpc.com (Mark Kaehny)


Like the Linux Gazette but would you please (for us linear thinkers) put some navigation aid so we can go to next and previous pages? I don't like clicking back to the menu, I like flipping through things...

Thanks for the work, appreciated.
Mark Kaehny

(Done -- good suggestion. --Editor)

 Date: Thu, 05 Sep 1996 13:22:23 -0700
Subject: Linux trademark issues.
From: Earl Stutes estutes@palladium.corp.sgi.com

Yet again, it appears someone is attempting to make a buck on something that most of the rest of us feel should be a free or at least public domain thing. In this case the word Linux. I don't have any suggestions as to how "we" deal directly with this issue, but I certainly hope that all of you folks that are a part of the growing Linux commercial community will take the lead in fighting this yo-yo. Of course part of my contribution to support you is the fact that I buy the magazine from the newstand(fatbrain.com, actually) every month.

I have enjoyed your magazine right from the beginning, and will continue to be a supporter over the long term.

Thanks for listening


(Since the Gazette is strictly on-line, I'm assuming you are talking about the Linux Journal when you refer to buying the magazine. Latest news about the trademark can be found by clicking the Hot Linux News button on the Front Page. There are also couple of items in the current News Bytes section. --Editor)

 Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 08:58:23 +0100 (BST)
Subject: LG Issue #9
From: Dave Pearson davep@hagbard.demon.co.uk


First, I'd like to say congrats on taking over support of the LG, it's a very handy resource and it's nice to see it getting continued support.

However, I've got a question about how you are going to handle it. In the past I've always downloaded a copy of the latest issue of LG and installed it on my own machine so that I could read it at my leisure. IIRC, each issue included a new top level index file that would list the TOCs of all issues, this ment it was simple and easy to install and to quickly search for a specific article.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but issue 9 does not appear to follow this install style. Was there a reason for this?

Thanks for your time.

Take a look in Hagbard's World: |     w3ng - The WWW Norton Guide reader. 
http://www.acemake.com/hagbard  |  ng2html - The NG to HTML converter. 
Resist UK Internet Censorship:  |       eg - Norton Guide reader for OS/2.  
http://babylon.ivision.co.uk    |   dgscan - DGROUP scanner for Clipper.  

(You are not wrong. I did change it, not realizing what a hassle it was going to cause some people. The reason for part of the change that will most likely remain, is that I wanted to be able to keep issues 1-8 exactly as they were when John put them out -- i.e. not changing the front page, etc. The way it works now should not be that different.

The front page offers a spot to click for the TOC of issues 1-8 and a spot for TOC 9. When 10 comes out next month, it will be on top of TOC 9. I personally thought that having each TOC in a separate file would make it easier -- perhaps I was wrong, it's been known to happen. I'm considering a search program, when I have time to set it up, and in the meantime, I will add an index containing all TOCs. --Editor)

 Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 06:30:39 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: new LG issue
From: Larry Ayers layers@vax2.rain.gen.mo.us

Last night I saw the new LG issue on the SSC website. So evidently in the last week of August writers came through for you. There are some great articles in issue 9; an auspicious beginning for SSC's sponsorship (and your editing duties).

By the way, I got an email the other day from another LG reader, complaining that the graphics from the TkDesk article I wrote in LG #8 were not accessible to a web-browser. I loaded the article into Netscape (from the SSC website) and found this to be true. Perhaps the directory structure was changed somehow when LG #8 was put on the site, rendering a link inactive? I just checked issue 8 again, and found that most of the inline images in my pieces won't display. I think the problem is that the directory which John Fisk used was ./gx/ayers, whereas it looks like SSC's gazette graphics all go in ./gx.

Regards, Larry Ayers

(Thanks. Yes, authors did come through for me, including you, and I thank you all.

Sorry, I know about the problem with the links, and it is now fixed. The directories were set up correctly; there were just a lot of missing files. --Editor)

 Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 10:25:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Linux Gazette Issue #9
From: schuld@btv.ibm.com (David W. Schuler)

I just tried to take a look at the Linux Gazette Issue #9. Unfortunately, I did not find the "I'll read it myself" button at the top of the index that would allow me to see the whole thing at one time and print it out for later reading at home. I would appreciate if you could add this option back, rather than causing me to have to go into each section to print it out so that I can read it later at home.


David W. Schuler - Advisory Engineer
Semiconductor Contract Manufacturing
IBM Microelectronics Internet: schuld@btv.ibm.com
B/863-2 Z/863D AOL: schuld@aol.com
(Personal Mail)
1000 River Street Phone: (802) 769-7636
Essex Junction, VT 05452-4299 FAX: (802) 769-6800
For IBM Microelectronics information: http://www.chips.ibm.com

(Yes, I took that out -- didn't realize how popular it was. I've gotten lots of mail about this change, so am planning to put it out there both ways beginning this month. --Editor)

 Date: Sun, 8 Sep 1996 14:02:08 +-200
Subject: LOCAL:(Belgium,Antwerp) Linux day on 2 november 1996
From: POE poe@glo.be


we are the recently started Antwerp Linux Users Club. We invite you all to come to our Linux day meeting on 2 November 1996 in the CC'De Schorren' at Hoboken-Polder Graspolderlaan from 10h till 18h. We are demonstrating the Linuxkernel 2.0 with a lot of working applications including a Webserver and if you become a member You can join our Intranet.

You can reach us at our homepage http://user.glo.be/~poe/alug.htm Be carefull : it can get you a while before you get in but once you are in it's pretty fast!

Patrick & Armand

(All right, Antwerp! Get out there and support Linux. --Editor)

 Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 08:57:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Linux Gazette
From: tinus@betterthan.northstar.k12.ak.us (Sunit Das)

Hello! I was wondering if you have an archive with the past issues of the Linux Gazette(tar-ed and gzip-ed) so that us (the readers) can download and browse at our leisure? If not, would it be too much trouble to do so? I hope I'm not imposing too much, but I am on a shared phone line, and much as I would like to stay on the net all day (it's tempting), I can't. Thanks for *any* help!

--Sunit Das

(No problem. tar files are available, I've just been having technical difficulties -- they were unreadable. At any rate John Fisk sent us new files that are now up at ftp://ftp.ssc.com/pub/lg/. Also, our issue 10 file, lg_issue10.tar.gzp and all issues (1-10) file, LinuxGazette_oct96.tar.gzp are located at that site. --Editor)

 Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 23:05:36 +0200
Subject: Suggestion: Search Engine
From: "Johannes Norinder" dante@inferno.skurup.se

My suggestion is that you ought to have some kind of simple search engine so that you easily can search for phrases within one or all of the issues of LG. As is it's hard to know if you've covered Iomegas Zipdrive, for example.

Otherwise thanks for a great service.

Johannes Norinder

(I agree. In fact it's something that I have already thought about. There is a search engine for Linux Journal, and I will probably use the same one for the Gazette. However, it means doing a lot of front end work to get it set up. When I'll have time to do this is not certain, but it is definitely on the list. --Editor)

 Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 00:32:27 -0400
Subject: my 2 cents
From: "Aaron L. Hastings" alhastin@mtu.edu

hey there
im just gettin into linux
i got it to help me learn unix
which it has helped a lot on
but i have found it to be totally awesome in its own right

it is almost cliche but nothing in any commercial sense has
managed to pull together in a near utopian ( except for bugs )
environment a cooperative effort of people worldwide

it just shows what people can do when they work together
( like i said cliche but rarely achieved )

well this site is just another example of this cooperation


(shades of e e cummings --editor)

 Date: Wed, 11 Sep 96 12:36:54 -0400
Subject: Linux Gazette
From: Bill Cronk bcronk@nvl.army.mil

I am very glad to see a new issue put out. I was sad thinking that it had gone by the wayside.

I would like to see a section of tips and tricks devoted towards the novice user who needs to learn the tricks to setting up hardware, software and all the other things that come along. I remember when the first Byte magazine came out and for the longest time there were articles on hardware and software for the novices. After a while that ended as people grew up and demanded more in depth articles. I would think that most people would have a hard time finding those back issues. In the case of the Gazette all the back issues will most likely be archived and if a basic index was published once or twice a year many new people to the world of Linux would have all kinds of useful tips and tricks to read through.

Either way I enjoy reading the Gazette and will look forward to new issues. I wish you success in publishing the Gazette.

In the future, maybe the far future, I will be able to provide an article now and then on some hardware and software items related to laboratory instrumentation interfacing and controlling of automated test equipment.

Best wishes,

Bill Cronk				     Phone:         (703) 704-3692 
E-OIR Measurements, Inc			     Fax:           (703) 704-1821  
P.O. Box 1240 				     E-mail: bcronk@nvl.army.mil 
Spotsylvania, VA 22553			     Amateur Radio: WB2LUU 

(I agree that this is a good idea and will put it out there in the next issue and see if anyone responds. I'll look forward to the time when you send me an article. New contributors are always welcome. --Editor)

 Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 08:51:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Gazette on a DOS machine
From: gv.livingston@brokersys.com (G.V.Livingston II)

Wondering if there are any copies of the Gazette in HTML format with DOS filenames? I would like to set up a personal mirror of all issues on a DOS machine that I use regularly but unTARring the files from the FTP site is fruitless because the filenames are made DOS compliant and the links no longer match what is in the directory.

I basically want my "site" to exactly mirror the SSC pages.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


(Sorry, but no. Frankly, this is quite an unusual request, since most of our readers do use Linux boxes. Love to have you mirror us, but this is more work than I have time for. Tried to e-mail you, but it kept coming back to me. --Editor)

 Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 08:36:40 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: COOL it works with LINUX
From: Paul Bingman <paul@edgewood.net>

I suspect many/most of you have seen the new logo promoted by Linux Journal, that can be licensed for $1 a year, to show that your software or hardware product works with Linux. See:

What is a very pleasant surprise is to see that logo starting to appear in the mainstream trade press. On page 41 of the September 16, 1996, InfoWorld, is a half-page Equinox ad for their multiport serial cards. The COOL logo is the first one displayed, before Windoze, Novell, or SCO.

Paul Bingman                paul@edgewood.net      Voice +1 503 222 3846  
Edgewood Engineering     http://www.edgewood.net     FAX +1 503 223 3071  
WWW/CGI, Internet, Linux, application software, firmware, device drivers 

(Cool. --Editor)

 Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 16:00:12 +0000
Subject: LG : french translation + mirroring ?
From: Patrick Mevzek <Patrick.Mevzek@Babbage.espci.fr>

To: fiskjm@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu


I discovered your Linux Gazette some months ago, and it's great and very interesting. I've discovered Linux a little before, because I will need to install here at my school (you know I'm only a student like you ;-) !!) a small LAN of computers for students, with PC (Win 95) and one LINUX-PC (which will be a firewall-mailhost-webserver, etc...). So I'm quite interested with everything in relation with Linux.

In fact, I can propose you to translate the LG in French. I would be very pleased to do that. But I can promise you I will always have enough time to do it quickly, because first I'm a student, and therefore I've exams, (you know that...), and second, like I said before, I have to work a lot to install students'LAN.

So, let me know if I can help you that way !!

BTW, because I will be the maintainer of the web server of the students too, it could be possible, somewhat in January or February 97 to start mirroring the LG, here at the ESPCI. I can't promise you big things, because mainly in 3 years I won't be in that school anymore, and I can't say that the next webserver maintainer will keep mirroring LG !! I hope to hear from you soon


~ Patrick Mevzek                   Patrick.Mevzek@Info.Escpi.fr ~  
~ HomePage (co-developer): http://www.geocities.com/Paris/4206  ~  
~     'I like these calm little moments before the storm...'    ~  

(Glad you like the magazine. John Fisk forwarded your letter to me as SSC is now handling the Linux Gazette. I think it would be wonderful if you were to translate the LG into French, whenever you have time. It would certainly give the Gazette a wider French audience. We have very liberal copying requirements, especially if you are a mirror site (virtually none). We always welcome another mirror. Thanks for your interest. -- Editor)

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