In Memory of Mark A. Horton

Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 16:46:31 GMT
From: Victoria Welch
Organization: Welch Research laboratories

Mark A. Horton ( passed away Friday September 7, 1996. Cause currently unknown, but poor health is suspected. he did have a lot of health problems, although he never let them keep him down long, in so many ways he was such an inspiration!

Having been through the rest of the *nixes, and knowing the subject well, he was one of the greatest proponents of Linux. His enthusiasm and willingness to help anyone at any time were his greatest gifts to the Linux community.

His kindness, willingness to help others in many ways including Linux and his generosity will be missed by those of us that knew him and an example for all of us to strive for. For me personally, he was my best friend and mentor. He taught myself and *MANY* others much about the nuts and bolts of Linux in a joyous way that was informative and instructive and often most pleasantly humorous. Most any interaction with Mark was a good time.

Having spent a great many hours with him personally as well as on the phone, he made is very clear that he didn't want any morose happenings should anything ever happen to him, There will be a party by his friends to honor that request sometime in the near future. Will plan on celebrating his contributions and the many wonderful things that there are to be remembered about him. He was one of the true good guys and his joyous, creative, tenacious, encouraging spirit will be missed by those that knew him. To the many that knew Mark and to the many who didn't, hoist one to one of the greats! He will be missed.

Thanks & Take care, Vikki.
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