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 July 2000 Linux Journal

The July issue of Linux Journal is on newsstands now. This issue focuses on Science & Engineering.

Linux Journal has articles that appear "Strictly On-Line". Check out the Table of Contents at http://www.linuxjournal.com/issue75/index.html for articles in this issue as well as links to the on-line articles. To subscribe to Linux Journal, go to http://www.linuxjournal.com/subscribe/index.html.

For Subcribers Only: Linux Journal archives are available on-line at http://interactive.linuxjournal.com/

Distro News


SOT has released their Best Linux operating system to Russian-speaking users for the first time. The new version is also available in English, Swedish and Finnish, and includes the brand new XFree 4.0, kernel version 2.2.14 and integrated office solution Star Office(tm) by Sun Microsystems.

The Best Linux 2000 boxed set includes some new features never seen before in Linux--like lifetime installation support. The boxed set also contains a 400 page manual, an installation CD, a source code CD, a Linux games CD and a software library CD providing an easy way for consumers and business desktop users alike to start using a complete Linux system.

Founded in 1991, SOT is based in Finland, where it builds and maintains the Best Linux distribution. SOT counts among their customers large organisations such as Nokia, Sonera and the Finnish Board of Education.


OREM, UT-June 6, 2000-Caldera Systems, Inc., today announced that free support is available for OpenLinux users in Europe. Registered OpenLinux users will receive free 30-day phone and 90-day e-mail support in German, French, Italian and English.

In Germany, registered OpenLinux users may dial 030 726238 88 or visit support@caldera.de. Registered users needing support in English, French or Italian may dial +353 61 702033 or visit europe.support@calderasystems.com.

Caldera eBuilder provides e-commerce building blocks for business-to-consumer, and business-to-business eCommerce solutions. Key Features: The Open eBusiness platform for Internet commerce, Over ten eCommerce components, Easy Web-based management and reporting tools, High-performance Linux platform specifically tuned for server grade hardware.


Caldera Systems announced its upcoming OpenLinux Power Solutions Tour 2000. Industry leaders including Sun Microsystems, IBM, Lotus, Compaq and Tarantella are joining Caldera July 11 in Toronto, Canada and will pass through ten cities on its way to the final destination in Dallas, Texas, on July 27. The tour provides cost-free demonstrations in Internet and eBusiness-ready Linux solutions. The tour targets VARs, ASPs, ISPs, resellers, consultants and corporate IT professionals - anyone who builds or supports the Internet infrastructure.

Space is limited. For more information or to register for the tour, visit http://www.calderasystems.com/partners/tour .


LuteLinux at the Technical Certification Expo 2000 revealed not only their new LuteLinux Lite software, but also their training and certification plans . In addition to offering certification for various levels from user to specialist, LuteLinux will also offer Trainer Certification. This will include training on teaching and public speaking, classroom techniques for beginner to advanced users, as well as common classroom scenarios and bridging the gap between the classroom environment to the real world. Their certification not only qualifies you as a LuteLinux trainer, but many of the techniques and lessons are easily transferable to other training environments.

LuteLinux is taking a new approach to certification. They recognize that multiple choice and even most simulation environments only provide for one right answer, and most examinations don't respond to non-standard approaches to a problem: something that is required on a daily basis in the real world. LuteLinux is fixing that explains Mr. Daunheimer, "our on-line LuteLinux simulation responds to multiple approaches to a problem. There is more than one answer to the questions, just as there is more than one way to solve a problem in the real world. There will be an ongoing assessment of responses during the examination, and the questions which are presented are chosen by a system that takes into account your last response." Although it's easy to talk about results, at LuteLinux they guarantee them. If any client is not satisfied with their training, or feels unprepared to apply new skills on the job, they will retrain them - for free. Examinations will be available both in-house at one of their training centers, and on-line via their web site.

 Red Hat

PITTSBURGH, PA - June 19, 2000, /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Computer & Network Corporation has received Red Hat Linux 6.2 certification and is now included on Red Hat's Hardware Compatibility List for RAID storage systems. http://www.acnc.com/product_jetstorii_lvd.html.


SuSE, the international technology leader and solution provider in open source operating system (OS) software, has opened their new Latin America headquarters office in Caracas, Venezuela. Xavier Marmol, well known to the Latin American Linux Community, has been chosen to run SuSE's Latin America presence.

Xavier Marmol is highly regarded in the Latin American Linux community. He was previously the Network Administrator at the University of Zulia Academic Network. As an active Linux advocate since 1995, he successfully implemented Linux OS for the Universities network of several hundred computers. As founding President of VELUG (Venezuela Linux User Group) in 1997, he led the initiative to include VELUG achievements at the Latin American LinuxWeek, the first Spanish-speaking Linux event. Marmol was also the first content manager of the Spanish LinuxStart.com Web site.

SuSE will release the first fully engineered version of Linux for the Apple PowerPC, IBM RS 6000 and Motorola PreP in mid-June. [It was unclear to LG at press time whether it has been released yet. -Ed.] In addition to databases, firewall scripts, web servers and mail programs, there are also such interesting applications as the video editing system Broadcast 2000, or the powerful image processing program, GIMP.

Of great interest to Mac users and professionals is the inclusion of the Virtual Machine (MOL) MAC on LINUX in the distribution, making it possible to start the MacOS in Linux and switch from one program to the other. In addition, the Mac user also has the option of using standard PCI hardware, such as network cards or TV cards.


Vancouver, BC., June 20, 2000 - Stormix Technologies Inc. and StarNet Communications Corp., today announced an agreement to include a fully- functional copy of StarNet's X-Win32 PC X server Version 5.0 with Storm Linux 2000 Deluxe Edition. This allows Windows workstations to connect to Linux servers. Storm Linux 2000 customers will receive a free one-year license for X-Win32. This product is normally listed at approximately $200.00US.


News in General

 Upcoming conferences & events

"Libre" Software Meeting #1
(Rencontres mondiales du logiciels libre)
, sponsored by ABUL (Linux Users Bordeaux Association)
July 5-9, 2000
Bordeaux, France
French: lsm.abul.org/lsm-fr.html
English: lsm.abul.org

Linux Business Expo
(co-located with COMDEX event)
July 12-14, 2000
Toronto, Canada

O'Reilly/2000 Open Source Software Convention
July 17-20, 2000
Monterey, CA

Ottawa Linux Symposium
July 19-22, 2000
Ottawa, Canada

LinuxWorld Expo
August 15-17, 2000
San Jose, CA

IEEE Computer Fair 2000
Focus: Open Source Systems
August 25-26, 2000
Huntsville, AL

Linux Business Expo
(co-located with Networld + Interop event)
September 26-28, 2000
Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Linux Showcase
October 10-14, 2000
Atlanta, GA

November 8-10, 2000
San Jose, CA

Linux Business Expo
(co-located with COMDEX event)
November 13-17, 2000
Las Vegas, NV

USENIX Winter - LISA 2000
December 3-8, 2000
New Orleans, LA

Linux Lunacy
Co-Produced by Linux Journal and Geek Cruises
October 21-28, 2001
Eastern Carribean

 La Gaceta de Linux--Spanish Linux Gazette

May 31st., 2000. Mexico City, Mexico. Bufete Consultor de Mexico - Piensa Systems has announced the launch of the new web site entitled La Gaceta de Linux as a Spanish version of the very well known electronic magazine Linux Gazette, effective this June 1st.

"We are searching for volunteers to enrich and enhance La Gaceta de Linux in every aspect."; said Monique Ollivier, image and content managing editor of the Spanish edition, "in first place, we need lots of support to translate, in a monthly basis, the original articles in foreign languages; mostly English; to ours, and maybe even more important, we want La Gaceta de Linux to be an open forum to whomever wants to write about Linux or just publish their work."

"After the site launch, we will add more features and services to La Gaceta de Linux, providing special benefits to the ones that contribute to the site with a bit of their time as well as additional services to the general public."

Felipe Barousse, Bufete Consultor de Mexico, S.A. de C.V., CEO and General Director: "We want all this free and open technologies and the broad experience that the global Linux community has acquired, to be leveraged at the maximum by all those Spanish speaking individuals and companies that across the globe."

"Having a tool like La Gaceta de Linux and, of course, the web, allows us to very efficiently promote Linux and all related technologies to be used in real life industry, businesses and corporate use; for instance; in Latin America, most of small to medium sized businesses do require IT services and systems that really do work, and work well but, not at the very high cost of the current "systems" that are well known to all company owners ... It is our experience that Linux is an excellent alternative."

"Another very important readers and users group for La Gaceta de Linux is the academic one. That's where tomorrow's IT people are and, we have to let them know about Linux and what this new technology can provide. Educating people at every level is the key and that is the most important goal of La Gaceta de Linux."

About Bufete Consultor de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (BCM): BCM, founded in 1994 is a private Mexican Information technology consulting firm. BCM has wide experience in the implementation of mission critical systems in customers of various sectors across Latin America. "Piensa Systems" and "piensa.com" are BCM registered trademarks.

[The original press release read "the official Spanish version". I changed it to "a Spanish version" to make clear that LG has no affiliation with BCM and does not wish to endorse one Spanish translation over another. Nevertheless, we are grateful to BCM for making LG accessible to the Spanish-speaking, as we have long desired. -Ed.]

 Adomo--technology for the automatic house

"Adomo wants a place in your home. Not on top of your TV, or as a firewall or gateway hiding in a closet. What Adomo wants, is to fill your home with a network of low-cost, easy-to-use information appliances. All over the place. And they will all have Linux inside..." This is from LinuxDevices' technical overview paper about Adomo.

An Adomo spokesman calls it "kind of like a Cobalt Qube for the home".

[This reminds me of the children's science-fiction story, Danny Dunn and the Automatic House, as well as Ray Bradbury's (?) story "There Will Come Soft Rains", and Bill Gates' home entertainment system/art gallery. -Ed.]

 Linux on Compaq handheld

Compaq announced it has ported the Linux operating system to its iPAQ handheld computer. The goal of the port and the supporting program is to enable developers and researchers looking to explore applications and uses for handheld computing to experiment with Compaq's iPAQ handheld by gaining access to the Linux-based source code for the device.

 Telephony switch

6th June 2000, SUPERCOMM 2000, Atlanta, USA. Axtar Limited, a UK-based developer of programmable communications solutions for public network operators and service providers, has announced OneSwitch, the industry's first standards-based Central Office programmable telephony switch to use both the Red Hat Linux operating system and the compactPCI (cPCI) form factor. Value-added communications services that can be supported by the OneSwitch include: web-based call centre services, personal numbering, pre-paid calling card, Internet Call Waiting services and 1xxx services. The product will start shipping Q3 2000.

 Linux NetworX News

SANDY, UTAH, JUNE 23, 2000 - Linux NetworX, Inc., a provider of large-scale cluster computer solutions for Internet, industry and research fields, announced the launch of its new Web site (www.linuxnetworx.com). The site provides information about the company's products and services as well as other useful information about computer cluster technology.

Individuals who browse the site will find it updated with information concerning cluster computer solutions. Along with extended company information and event calendar, the site includes an informational cluster tour and a comprehensive newsroom containing computer cluster news.

SANDY, UTAH, June 20, 2000 - Linux NetworX announced today the completion of its first phase in a revolutionary engineering effort to provide a more efficient alternative to the standard 19-inch chassis designs used in many clustering applications. Code named the "Sundance Project", the new design will be unveiled August 15 at the LinuxWorld trade show in San Jose, Calif., and will feature marked improvements to airflow, density and maintenance access.
Linux NetworX provides an end-to-end cluster computer solution for those seeking high availability and high performance computing. We provide the hardware, software, service and support for our customers. Our cluster systems are sold as appliances, but we will customize and configure each system to fit a customer's needs, such as installing the appropriate applications onto the system, etc. We build our own hardware and program our unique cluster management software and package it all together for a total cluster solution.

Principle products include ClusterWorXHardware and Software Control, a hardware-based cluster management system controlling up to thousands of nodes, independent of specific motherboards or chipsets.

 FreeDesk selects Tarantella Software

Santa Cruz, CA (June 21, 2000) The Tarantella Division, an independent business unit of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc., today announced that FreeDesk.com has chosen Tarantella software to replace Citrix MetaFrame as the key technology to centrally manage and deliver applications via the web. FreeDesk.com is switching to Tarantella to get better application performance over the web.

 Linux newsletter in Atlanta

I am the editor and manager for a free local publication entitled Atlanta Linux Newsletter. We have been freely distributing this publication for over a year. In that time, we have increased our distribution from 500 to 5,000, and we are now increasing that number to 10,000.

The publication is distributed throughout the Atlanta Area. This refers to Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, as well as some of the surrounding areas: Roswell, Decatur, Alpharetta, etc. Our new channel for distributing our newsletter will be with Computer User magazine. In addition, we give copies of the Newsletter to all of our Customers as well as any User Group Meetings, seminars and showcases that we attend.

We have been working on our content so as to focus towards the new Linux community. Our customers, and the Linux community, in the past has been hackers and hobbyists. However, with the new surge of Linux users, we are beginning to focus on the business solutions side of Linux as well as the novice. We aim our content to reflect this type of audience.

Our advertisers consist of Linux companies, design companies, web companies, etc. These advertising supporters are assisting in the promotion of the newsletter whether in printing costs, distribution costs, etc.

-Kate Cotrona, Senior Editor & Manager, Atlanta Linux Newsletter

http://www.linuxgeneralstore.com (Click on the logo to enter, then choose "Newsletter" from the menu.)

 kaivo.com, a new Open Source marketplace

DENVER (June 14, 2000) -- Kaivo, Inc., today performed the initial launch of the first vendor-neutral marketplace for Open Source products and services. Located at kaivo.com, the Kaivo site is the only service designed to connect IT executives interested in the Open Source revolution with vendors who can design, build, and maintain Open Source solutions.

The Kaivo.com Open Source Marketplace features three primary elements:

In addition to its Open Source Marketplace, Kaivo will deliver professional services consulting and education and training programs to users of Open Source solutions.

Kaivo is the ancient Finnish word for "source".

The Editor asked Kaivo's PR man Anthony Benedetti <abenedetti@johnstonwells.com> how Kaivo is different from Cosource and SourceXchange, and he replied:

While Cosource, SourceXchange and Kaivo all have common elements, Kaivo's focus and its audience are different from the others. Both Cosource and SourceXchange excel at helping manage the development process of custom Open Source applications by bringing project managers and development talent together.

Kaivo, on the other hand, is about delivering the full world of Open Source into a corporate setting. Our end-user audience, IT executives, is assumed to be not as hands-on technical as the primary audience of the other sites.

We believe that our market has a need to understand what Open Source solutions exist (in contrast to proprietary models) and desires a simplified channel in which to procure those solutions. So ours is a market place for software, hardware, services and solutions. Kaivo is also designed as an educational site.

In many ways, Cosource, SourceXchange and Kaivo are complementary.

 Alpha Processor news

Concord, Mass., June 1, 2000 - API, (Alpha Processor, Inc.), announced the UP1100, the latest addition to its Ultimate Performance Series motherboards. The UP1100 offers Alpha Linux developers a complete, cost-efficient, entry-level Alpha board for Beowulf clusters, Web servers, development systems and rendering solutions.

API's high I/O and memory bandwidth technology, combined with the UP1100's new features and the open source Linux software, enables system integrators to build high-performance, scalable and reliable systems. The low profile UP1100 features the Alpha 21264 processor on the UP1100 motherboard, allowing the overall cost of systems to be reduced. This provides research institutions, computer graphics companies and enterprises a cost-effective system for powering compute-heavy applications.

Doubling disk I/O performance over the UP1000, the UP1100 uni-processor planar design includes on-board integrated sound and Ethernet on a standard ATX form factor, providing a more robust Alpha solution for developers. The on-board Ethernet and sound preserves maximum configurability of system PCI I/O slots, simplifies cluster configuring and lowers the overall solution cost.

The UP1100 will begin shipping in July.

Concord, Mass., Bristol, United Kingdom, June 1, 2000 -- API, (Alpha Processor, Inc.), a leading architect of high-performance solutions for high-bandwidth and compute-intensive applications, today announced its collaboration with Quadrics Supercomputers World (QSW), a leading provider of supercomputer technology in Europe, to develop high-performance supercomputers for Linux. QSW now can offer customers high-performance scaleable supercomputers with the flexibility to support a wide range of parallel programming models on the Linux platform.

Using API's 64-bit platform and the Linux open-source operating system, QsNet, a high-bandwidth, ultra low-latency interconnect for commodity SMP nodes, offers some of the highest possible system interconnect performance and scalability available. The solution, based on QSW's third-generation "Elan and Elite" ASICs and API's UP2000 Ultimate Performance Series motherboards, consists of a network interface and a high-performance multi-stage data network. The system is managed using QSW's Resource Management System.

 Linux R&D Facility Opens

June 20, 2000 - Dallas, TX --- Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a software technology consulting firm, today announced the opening of a new facility to support research and development of Linux-related technologies for Dell Computer Corporation. Simultaneously, the company announced the offering of a new Linux tool, co-developed with Dell, that provides Linux Red Hat 6.X users with a versatile, easy-to-use product to stress test the functionality of the operating system.

TCS' Linux Research and Development facility will be located in Round Rock, Texas. Over the course of several months, TCS will recruit highly skilled employees to assist with the development of Linux related products for existing and new clients located worldwide, including Dell. TCS' recruitment effort will include an aggressive outreach to Texas universities and from within the local community.

Available exclusively at the TCS website-- http://www.tcs.com--the test harness and suite, called TAAL (Testing And Analysis tooL) benefits businesses and consumers who use Red Hat Linux 6.X by evaluating the Linux operating system.

TCS is a software technology consultancy company that provides information technology and management consulting services to organizations in over 50 countries across the globe.

 Transmeta's Crusoe Processor and NetWinder, and Rebel the ISP

Ottawa, Canada - June 27, 2000 - Rebel.com Inc. announced its intention to adopt Transmeta's Crusoe processor family in a future line of residential and small business gateways that will add to its NetWinder OfficeServer line of products.

Ottawa, Canada - June 28, 2000 - Rebel.com announced the Ottawa roll out of RebelNetworks. For an introductory price of $599 per month, RebelNetworks will deliver high-speed bandwidth and secure e-mail to every desktop, a complete networking infrastructure, remote network monitoring and 24x7 support. RebelNetworks will utilize Bell Canada's DSL lines to deliver the high-speed bandwidth.

 Linux Links

BASCOM's Open Source Equipment Exchange will match those donating computer equipment with open source developers in need.

The TERMinator is a glossary of PC technical terms.

News articles:

Linux Graphics Programming with SVGAlib is a book that shows both beginners and advanced users how to make graphics applications without X. The URL also features other books on Linux/Open Source products.

Firstlinux has added five articles to its collection of overviews titled "I've installed Linux: What Next?" New topics include MP3, games, scientific/mathematical programs, PIMs (personal information organizers), and CD writing. The site also has a web-based personal calendar in 13 languages. There is also a news site, FirstLinux Network News.

The Maximum RPM book (version 2) is available for download at www.rpm.org in Postscript format. This is a work in progress.

The Linux Security Knowledge Base is SecurityPortal.com's collection of, um, Linux security articles. Writers and translators are needed. All documents are under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Magic Software subsidiary Access Data Corporation will deliver a comprehensive public safety records management solution for all agencies within the State. The solution will include a centralized database of criminal activity to be created using statistical and investigative information. One hundred installations are expected to take place over the next two years.

ITsquare.com has launched Linux Square, a web application to help companies find serious, reliable Linux development firms.

Server-Based Java Programming by Ted Neward is a practical guide which teaches the fundamental concepts of server-based Java. On-line samples are at http://www.manning.com/Neward3/Contents.html and http://www.manning.com/Neward3/chapters.html

Funny articles from Humorix. June's features: corporations buy up almost all the 2-letter country domains; Windows vs Linux holy war in Yakima, Washington; banner ads infest Linux; how Microsoft's anti-piracy policy (not including a Windows CD with new computers) will cause more piracy; "Won't somebody please think of the Microsoft shareholders' children?"; a computer survives the Blue Screen of Death!; and who designed those Blue Screens anyway? (Humorix via Linux Today)

New Warez Distribution Addresses Ease of Use Issues (Another funny story from Segfault via Linux Today)

[Adults only] Linux Loving Sluts must be Linux's first porn site. Scantily-dressed women sport the Tux logo on their clothing and tattoos. Captions read "powered by Linux", "penguin power", "sexy chicks choose Linux", and Linus's oft-cited quote, "Software is like sex--it's better when it's free."

Software Announcements

 MySQL now GPL

The MySQL database has gone open source according to this Yahoo article. Here's also another article about VA Linux System's investment in TcX DataKonsult AB, the company that built MySQL. Both links are courtesy Slashdot, which incidentally runs on MySQL.

 C.O.L.A software news

Berlin, the windowing system that's not X-Windows has released version 0.2.0 after a year of work. Download it at http://download.sourceforge.net/berlin/Berlin-0.2.0.tar.gz. Licence: LGPL.

 StrongARM version of Stalker's CommuniGate Pro mail server

MILL VALLEY, CA - May 15, 2000 - With this release, Stalker expands the number of supported Linux architectures: besides the "regular" Intel-based systems, CommuniGate Pro can be deployed on PowerPC, MIPS, Alpha, Sparc, and now StrongARM processors running the Linux(r) operating system.

The highly scalable messaging platform can support 100,000 accounts with an average ISP-type load on a single server, and the CommuniGate Pro unique clustering mechanisms allow it to support a virtually unlimited number of accounts. For office environments and smaller ISPs, CommuniGate Pro makes an ideal Internet appliance when installed on MIPS-based Cobalt Cubes(r) and, now, Rebel.com's NetWinder(r) mini-servers.

Key Features: full redundancy and load balancing on clusters, over 18 platforms supported, IMAP/HTTP access to mail including unique IMAP multi-mailbox features, personal web page publishing, mailing lists with web searching, web administration, anti-spam features, etc.

A free trial version is available at http://www.stalker.com/CommuniGatePro/.

 Lineo Ships Embedix SDK for X86

LINDON, Utah - June 5, 2000 - Lineo, Inc. today began shipping Embedix SDK for x86, a software development kit that simplifies the development of embedded devices and systems. This tool set allows developers to include only the components of Linux and other software needed for the specific solution at hand. Embedix SDK is designed to reduce the system requirements, development time and overall cost of deploying embedded solutions.

Embedix SDK provides the unique tools and technologies necessary for deploying Linux across the full range of embedded devices and systems, from tiny microcontrollers through multidisk backplane servers providing high availabilit y services. Embedix SDK couples the benefits of the Open Source Linux community with Lineo's embedded tools, technologies and professional services.

Embedix SDK is available immediately for $4995 for an initial development seat, which includes a one year upgrade and maintenance agreement. Multi-user licenses are also available.


 Lutris/Enhydra news

SAN FRANCISCO - JavaOne Conference and Exhibition, June 5, 2000 - Lutris Technologies, Inc. announced the first release of Enhydra Enterprise code to the developer community. The release of the product source code is an important step in the development of the Enhydra Enterprise application server and represents the first availability of an enterprise-level, Java/XML open source application server. Enhydra Enterprise is the direct result of joint development projects between noted open source supporters BullSoft and France Telecom, and the current Enhydra developer community, all of which contributed significant source code and expertise to the project.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., June 26, 2000 - Lutris today announced the immediate availability of Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0, the latest certified and supported version of the Open Source Enhydra Java(tm)/XML application server. Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0 includes an integrated suite of development and deployment tools for consultants, systems integrators, and corporate IT departments building Internet and wireless applications for distribution to any device, anywhere.

Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0 includes the Open Source PostgreSQL and the all-Java InstantDB and databases for abbreviated configuration time and fast prototyping. Inclusion and integration with Borland* JBuilder Foundation 3.5 allows developers to work within their preferred environment.

Pricing for Lutris Enhydra Professional 3.0 is $499.00 and includes technical support.

Lutrus has joined The Open Group, a vendor and technology-neutral consortium dedicated to enterprise integration. Lutris joins the Security Program Group of the consortium, which covers key areas of the industry, including confidentiality, integrity, accountability, non-repudiation, copy-protection, availability, and privacy.

"By joining The Open Group, Lutris Technologies will be able to participate and keep abreast of the latest security issues and ensure that the Enhydra Application Server platform continues to provide robust security support," said Paul Morgan, chief technology officer of Lutris Technologies.

 Omnis Studio: drag-and-drop WAP, more developers, etc.

Omnis Software confirmed some of the functionality to be available in the forthcoming release of their Rapid Application Development tool, Omnis Studio. A highlight is the incorporation of a powerful drag and drop WML (Wireless Markup Language) editor to simplify direct connectivity between server based data and remotely located WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) 'phones. WML is based on XML and was developed for specifying content and user interface for devices such as phones and pagers.

WAP phones are driving a market which needs to supply and modify relevant information quickly and clearly. With the WAP generator and one of the many available WAP phone emulators, you can quickly build and test cards and decks that can interface with existing data sources, wherever they may be located.

Omnis Studio is a high-performance visual RAD tool that provides a component-based environment for building GUI interfaces within e-commerce, database and client/server applications. When used with the company's WebClient plug-in technology, Omnis Studio allows the development of client/server relationships over the Internet using popular web browsers, giving fast, secure, scalable solutions in a minimum of development time. Development and deployment of Omnis Studio applications can occur simultaneously in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS environments without changing the application code.

During the last two quarters the number of Omnis Studio developers has more than doubled, and downloads of the evaluation version from the web site have increased approximately five-fold.

The company cites three reasons for this growth: these include the increasing adoption of the Linux operating system, a reduction in Studio's price, and increasing awareness of the power and speed of the development tool.


Spiderweb Software and Boutell.com proudly present Exile III: Ruined World, an epic fantasy role-playing game for Linux.

Exile III for Linux will be released Summer, 2000. You can find information and a large demo at http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/exile3/linuxexile3.html.

http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com. Port By: http://www.boutell.com.

Loki has released a beta of the Linux SDK for use with Quake III Arena.

Loki also announced plans to bring Interplay's Descent 3 to Linux by July 2000. Descent has a Rock 'n' Ride simulator that moves a gamer and their monitor up 55 degrees. Up to 16 gamers can play together at one time via the Internet.

Loki will bring CogniToy's MindRover: The Europa Project to Linux by early fall 2000. MindRover is a 3D game that enables players to create autonomous robotic vehicles and compete them in races, battles and sports.

As if that wasn't enough, Loki also signed a deal with QLITech Linux Computers Computers to bundle several games with QLITech's Advanced Multimedia Workstations. Title include Civilization: Call to Power, Heavy Gear II and a Loki Games Demo CD with a full install of Eric's Ultimate Solitaire.

 GoAhead embedded web server

BELLEVUE, Wash., May 24, 2000 - GoAhead(R) Software, the leading provider of off-the-shelf service availability software for Internet infrastructure, today announced the release of GoAhead WebServer(TM) 2.1, the latest version of GoAhead's open source, royalty free, standards-based embedded Web server.

By 2002, there will be more than 42 million devices connected to the Internet (International Data Corporation). Embedding a Web server gives manufacturers access to their devices even after they are shipped. GoAhead WebServer is the only open source embedded Web server currently on the market. It provides a secure, flexible and free way to access remote devices and appliances via standard Internet Protocols. GoAhead WebServer 2.1 now includes support for Secure Socket Layering (SSL) and digest access authentication (DAA).

GoAhead WebServer 2.1's new features were made possible in part through the active developer community that has emerged in support of the product. More than 500 developers download GoAhead WebServer source code each month.

The source code is currently available for download from GoAhead Software's Web site at http://www.goahead.com/webserver/wsregister.htm.

GoAhead Software, Inc.


iTools--a suite of tools to dramatically simplify Apache configuration & maintenance

Santa Barbara, CA, June 6, 2000. Tenon Intersystems's iTools extends and enhances Linux's networking performance, efficiency, ease-of-use, and functionality with a family of tools essential to serious, commercial content delivery and eCommerce. iTools is based on open-source implementations of Apache, DNS, FTP, and sendmail, created and maintained by software developers worldwide. Using the Linux open source internet software as a point-of-departure, Tenon's iTools extends the underlying architecture with a point & click interface and a rich set of new features.

In addition to extensions and enhancements to Apache, DNS and FTP, iTools includes a WEBmail server, an SSL encryption engine to support eCommerce, a sophisticated search engine, and both FastCGI and mod_perl support to provide high-performance Perl and CGI execution. All of the tools are supported using a point & click, browser-based administration tool.

The price is $199. A free demo is at http://www.tenon.com/products/itools-linux

 Other software

Chili!Soft has a new version of ASP and a new product, SpiceRack, for developers working with Active Server Pages. ASP 3.5.2 runs on more distributions than the previous version, and has new database support and an improved installation routine for both experienced administrators and novices. SpicePack 1.0 offers additional ASP objects for sending mail (SMTP), receiving mail (POP3) and uploading files. Evaluation copies are at http://www.chilisoft.com/downloads/. Chili!Soft is a subsidiary of Cobalt Networks, Inc.

XPloy from Trustix AS is a GUI for Linux system administration. Manage your Linux servers graphically from a Linux or Windows workstation.

Proven Software, Inc. has created separate divisions for its single- and multi-user accounting software, citing differing market forces and user demands between the two. BestAcct is a "desktop" program for small organizations and individuals. Proven CHOICE Accounting is for value-added resellers and their clients with multi-user requirements. BestAcct sells for an astounding US$29.95, but includes much more than "checkbook programs" at that price. Proven Software has been developing business applications for over 15 years, exclusively for Linux for over 5 years.

Financial Accounting Systems, Inc. develops Linux accounting software for loan servicing, savings accounting, CD (certificate of deposit) accounting and safe deposit box accounting.

Hypercosm offers next-generation 3D authoring technology to Linux users that had previously been available only for Windows users.

LinkScan 7.2 allows webmasters and quality-assurance engineers to build fast, accurate, scalable and automated test suites for web sites. Four versions are offered--from Workstation to Enterprise--at a price range of US$300-5000. (Electronic Software Publishing Corporation (ELSOP))

WebKing 2.0 is another website-testing program. WebKing takes traditional testing techniques such as white-box, black-box, and regression testing and applies them to Web development. In addition, ParaSoft is introducing a new testing technique called Web-box testing, which is a form of unit testing essential to Web development. http://www.parasoft.com or http://www.thewebking.com. Pricing is US$3495, or $2995 before July 31, 2000.

Metro Link, Inc. has released Open Motif with Metro Link enhancements and bug fixes, available for free FTP download at http://www.metrolink.com/openmotif/ or http://www.opengroup.org/openmotif/.

HELIOS EtherShare 2.6 offers a high-performance Unix implementation of AppleTalk networking. PCShare 3.0 is a high-performance Windows-compatible file and print server for Unix servers, with support for Windows 2000 clients.

Active Concepts (San Francisco, CA) will use VA Linux servers and Linux-Mandrake released and beta versions as a testbed for its flagship Funnel Web prouct, to keep it synchronized with technological advances in all the major Linux distributions. Funnel Web costs US$1199-3499.

Xi Graphics Inc. has released as v1.1 the first major update to its new 3D graphics product line for Linux. The update, which is free to registered owners of the product, provides significant performance improvements and increased stability.

Progressive Development Systems, Inc. markets Level5 Pro, a total database software solution for wholesale distributors. Their newest product is WAM, a Web Access Module. The company is committed to offering its products on the Linux platform.

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