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problem with 2 isp and sharing

[j.bakshi at icmail.net]
Thu, 04 Jan 2007 21:22:32 -0800

Dear list,

hope every one is well in the new year and charged to do more with linux :-)

I have a critical problem with my net setting and searching for some kind guidance.

well, I have 2 ISP and a load balancing router ( Linksys RV042). My one ISP, say ISP1 is based on ADSL technology. The modem to dialup ISP1 is smartATX MT841 and it has inbuilt dialing feature. so a connection from this smartATX MT841 direcly comes to WAN1 port the of the load balancing router.

another ISP, say ISP2. now there is a PC with 2 lan card for this isp2. one lan dialups ISP2 and another lan card from this same machine fed this connection to the WAN2 port of the load balancing router.

till now there is no problem at all and the load balancing feature is running great.

BUT the problem is with the PC which dialups the ISP2 and fed the connection to the load balancing router. it actually behaves like a modem. so the user in that machine can't share the local lan resources and we can't share the resources of that PC.

could any one kindly suggest any solution please ? thanks for the support.

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[j.bakshi at icmail.net]
Thu, 04 Jan 2007 21:32:25 -0800

I have forgot to mention that, kindly CC to me.


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