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BREXX, MySQL Database Functions
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Unix Functions

The following routines are available when importing the library with CALL import "".


change current directory to dir and return the current working directory
say chdir()
call chdir "/home"


Prepares a TCP/IP socket connection for listening on port. Returns the socket descriptor id.
id = listen(1234)

RECV(fd [,length])

Receives data through TCP/IP from socket descriptor fd of length length. If length is not specified then it returns all available data from the socket.
say recv(fd)
say recv(fd,10) /* return 10 bytes */

SEND(fd, data)

Sends the data to socket fd. It returns the number
say send(fd,"Hello world")

SLEEP(time [,"U","S","M","H","D"])

Call the system sleep function for a period of time with units:
Usmicro seconds
call sleep 5 /* sleep 5s */
call sleep 1000,'u' /* sleep 1ms */


return the socket descriptor after opening the TCP/IP port on host for communication. -1 on error
fd = socket('localhost',1234)
fd = socket('',5678)


close socket fd
call socketclose fd

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